Scents and Sensibility With Beauty Insider Lara Eurdolian

As the founder of Pretty Connected, Lara Eurdolian is the authority on all things pretty. Her fun, informative coverage of makeup, skincare, and fashion makes the site a must-read. In a recent chat, she shared which perfume earns a spot in her cosmetic kit.

What inspires you?

Lara Eurdolian: Experts. I’m fascinated by people who are passionate about a subject, whether it’s makeup artistry, cooking, organizing, styling, interior design, or technology. It’s very inspiring to be around people who love what they are doing and are enthusiastic enough to want to share it with me.

As you know, Creed men have a long history of following their father’s footsteps—are you following in the footsteps of anyone in your family?

Lara: The fashion influence is definitely there: My mother was always very stylish, my grandmother was a seamstress, and my grandfather designed shoes for Stride Rite, Rockport, and Clarks of England. Career-wise, however, I took a different path.

Where do you apply your Creed—at home, on the go?

Lara: In my bedroom, but I always have a small sample in my cosmetic case in case of fragrance emergency.

What cool projects are you working on now?

Lara: I’m re-launching my blog as well as a new website, which uses Twitter to connect readers with experts and brands. I’ve also just moved and am working on furnishing my apartment.

How do you decide what Creed scent to wear?

Lara: Aventus is my go-to, but I’d like to extend my collection so I have a whole arsenal to choose from.

Do you choose different scents for different times of year?

Lara: Seasons and day versus night definitely play a role in my fragrance selection. I go more airy and floral in the summer, and choose more woodsy scents for fall.

We hope you enjoyed our conversation with Lara. Our Creed Aficionados section will routinely feature interviews with those who have appreciated our scents, so do check back.