A Creed Family History: From Father to Son Since 1760

In celebration of Father’s Day, we present an inside look into the Creed family lineage rooted in the bond between Father and son.

Father’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the generations that came before us. At the House of Creed, though, a holiday like Father’s Day is particularly significant. James Henry Creed founded the company in 1760 and the brand has been passed from father to son ever since. Currently, the father and son heritage continues with Sixth Generation Master Perfumer Olivier Creed at the helm and his son Erwin being groomed as the future Master Perfumer of the House.

In the spirit of fatherly appreciation, let’s take a deeper look back into the storied history of Creed’s fathers.

The Next Generation: Erwin Creed
The very dapper Erwin Creed was born in 1980 and marks the seventh generation of Creed perfumers. As he is groomed to be the next Master Perfumer, Erwin manages relationships with suppliers to ensure that only the highest quality ingredients are sourced for Creed scents. Erwin has helped create some of The House of Creed’s modern classics including Love in White, Virgin Island Water, Original Vetiver and Fleurs de Gardenia. As we look ahead, Erwin will continue to contribute to the artistry of the family business carrying the House to the next generation.

The Master Perfumer Who Brought the Brand Public: Olivier Creed
You can thank Creed’s reigning master perfumer, Olivier, for the fact that you can buy Creed’s long-coveted private collection. Olivier was the first Master Perfumer to make the fragrances available for purchase by the public in 1970. Under Olivier’s mastery, the House of Creed still upholds a 4,000-year old infusion tradition of capturing essential oils which for centuries was only available to Royalty. While the technique isn’t easy, it maintains the delicate and distinct fragrance notes of the globally sourced ingredients and makes Creed scents one of a kind.

As a perfumer, Olivier is responsible for some of our most memorable fragrances in the Creed portfolio: 1985’s Green Irish Tweed, the sunny citrus Millesime Imperial, Himalaya (inspired by his Himalayan climb), and the best-selling Aventus. He also introduced the Acqua Originale and Les Royales Exclusives collections to further his perspective on perfumery as a fine art.

The Scent Innovator: Henry Creed III
Born in 1824, Henry Creed III was the third generation of Creeds to run the business and is remembered as the most innovative perfumer in the House. He created many custom blends for European royalty, including Fleurs de Bulgarie, for Queen Victoria. The scent features notes of rich rose, bergamot, and amber, which is still available for purchase today. It was also Queen Victoria who deemed Creed the official supplier of fragrance to the British Royal Court during Henry Creed’s time at the helm of the House. In 1854, Henry was wooed by Napoleon III and his Empress, Eugénie to relocate to Paris, France.

Today, the Creed’s manufacture each scent in a facility in Fontainebleau, France – carrying on the legacy in their home country 160 years after Henry moved the House.

The Man Who Started it All: James Henry Creed
James Henry Creed founded The House of Creed in 1760 in England. Originally, the brand focused on custom tailored clothing and leather goods for the Royal Court. The transition to fragrance, however, happened quite naturally: In 1781, King George III fell in love with the scent of his Creed leather gloves and requested that James bottle the smell and turn it into a fragrance. The resulting eau de parfum, Royal English Leather, the first of many fragrances commissioned by Royalty, was a spicy, rich mixture of leather, sandalwood, mandarin, bergamot, and amber which is now vaulted.