From Father to Son

As all Creed devotees know, The House of Creed encompasses a rich history that began with a bottle of Royal English Leather in 1781. Passed down from father to son spanning over 250 years, The House of Creed has created a heritage of unrivaled scents.

Today, Sixth Generation Master Perfumer Olivier Creed and his son Erwin Creed, keep the timelessness and legacy of The House of Creed alive. In honor of Father’s Day, we celebrate the best fragrance collaborations created by this father and son duo.

Aventus was first introduced in 2010, celebrating strength, power, and success. With a fruity and rich scent, this best-selling fragrance in the brand’s history, is not only legendary for the brand, but also perfect for the legendary men in our lives.


Presented in a bottle made from black volcanic sand, Love In Black, is unapologetically chic and daring. Created by Olivier in collaboration with Erwin in 2008, Love In Black blends worldly ingredients such as violet, Virginia cedar, Florentine iris, and blackcurrant.

Olivier and Erwin took inspiration from Asia when creating this robust scent by combining Mysore sandalwood, fiery cinnamon, warm vanilla, and Tonka. Truly captivating, Original Santal is sure intrigue a crowd.


Inspired by 15th century Florence, Italy, Acqua Fiorentina exudes a sense of youthfulness and vibrancy. Wanting to capture the countryside, Olivier and Erwin blended notes of sweet plums, bergamot, lemons, and a touch of apple. Devotees to Spring Flower and Jardin D’Amalfi will definitely want to add this to their collection.


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