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After months of bitter cold and barren trees, we welcome the return of blue skies and gentle breezes. Our selection to herald this seasonal transition is the fresh, vibrant Acqua Fiorentina, whose light fruity and floral bouquet evokes the sweet scent of blooming lush orchards in the heart of Italy.

CREED Paris Boutique Interior

Founded in 1760 and based in Paris, The House of Creed is the world’s oldest privately owned fragrance dynasty.  Guided by master perfumer Olivier Creed, and his son Erwin, The House of Creed has gained incredible popularity over the years, namely due to its exclusivity and depth of offering.

Spring Collection

April 10, 2013

In the midst of spring’s entrance, comes a truly marvelous transition into the fresh side of fragrance. In order to choose your signature Creed scent for the season, we suggest glancing into your own fragrance personality.

CREED Tester Bottles

The House of Creed receives hundreds of inquiries from our well-informed clients. Recently, advice seekers have wondered this: “How does one transition to a new fragrance?” Switching from one scent family to another may seem challenging as there are many elements that may play in one’s choice;