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Inspired by the world’s most beloved and quintessentially French children’s books, The House of Creed introduces Creed for Kids, a playful new scent for the youngest fragrance connoisseurs.

“I had such an affinity for story time with my own children as it was a time for us to connect and dream together,” explains Olivier Creed for The House of Creed. “Based on those memories, I was inspired by the literary classics and joyful moments of their youth to create Creed for Kids. While a fragrance for kids could be perceived as indulgent, it is meant to only enhance their spirited side and art of play.”

This subtle new scent opens with luscious plum and crisp apple followed by rose and lemon at the heart and finishes with tart grapefruit. The juice emulates the crisp, delicate breeze on a clear day while children marvel and play – like bringing to life the watercolors of beautifully illustrated book. The scent is alcohol free and packaged in a frosted bottle etched with whimsically colored birds illustrated by Olivier that represent the lightness of youth.

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