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 Co-founded by Emily Greener and Alexis Jones, the organization empowers, supports and educates an engaged and growing community of girls from across the globe to love and express themselves through online and offline programs and initiatives. Nothing is more elegant than empowering the next generation of women. The House of Creed invites women everywhere to raise awareness for this important cause by participating in the new #EmpoweredElegance campaign at
Emily shares, “The #1 reason we built I AM THAT GIRL is because we, just as much as any other girl, need it.” The House of Creed spoke with Emily to learn more about I AM THAT GIRL and the campaign.
How would you describe IATG’s mission?
I AM THAT GIRL is a community, a support system, and a movement inspiring girls to LOVE, EXPRESS, and BE exactly who they are (instead of who they think they're supposed to be). We are shifting girl culture, raising the standards for how we treat each other, ourselves, and how the world treats us.
What drew you to work with a brand like The House of Creed?
I must confess that in high school my best friend and I were obsessed with this one scent by House of Creed and I used to spray it so sparingly because I knew it was the only bottle my mom would by me. I still have that bottle today because it reminds me of some of my best childhood memories. Beyond that, when a company with such a good reputation wants to use their name and money to invest in building a better world for girls, I'm always inspired to meet the people behind these brands and make something really cool happen for a partnership.
What does #EmpoweredElegance mean to you?
To me, it's the implied contradiction between power and femininity which is actually exactly the same thing yet we think they are different. And besides that, every girl and woman is walking around with contradicting thoughts, feelings, and characteristics. It's what makes us the ocean. It's what makes us everything and nothing simultaneously. And when we can collectively get that, we can quite literally and instantly change the world.
Tell us about a woman who you believes embodies #EmpoweredElegance and has helped you find strength in your everyday life?
My mom. She's a woman who isn't afraid to reinvent herself no matter how many times or what age she is. She loves fiercely and fights for her right to her own self-love. Watching her move through life has taught me so much about who I want to be, and gives me the strength to persevere through anything.
Empowerment is an ingredient of every woman. You too can join the #EmpoweredElegance conversation by sharing the ingredients that make you powerful. Visit for more information. Below some inspiring women share what #EmpoweredElegance means to them.  
“I believe empowering another is enabling them through positivity and compassion, which allows each beautiful individual to reach their full potential. As we empower each other, the entire world will benefit from our unique talents and contributions to society. You know what they say, ‘We rise by lifting others.’” –Venessa Kaufman
“Being empowered is a feeling that embodies strength, confidence and the determination to accomplish anything you set your mind to do. Elegance is truly a virtue that allows us to handle situations with grace and carry ourselves with dignity. Together, a woman with Empowered Elegance is unstoppable.” –Sherita Rankins
“Empowered Elegance, to me, means celebrating the loveliness, beauty, and femininity of a woman while proclaiming the strength, power, and energy it takes to be a woman.” –Annie Reeves
“This fragrance, Aventus for Her, says to me that I am strong, I am diligent, but I am also feminine. Women are very powerful creatures, we can do it all and still remain a lady. I think the most important thing a woman can do is to become empowered and even more importantly pass the torch for the next generation of women to empower them as well.” –Beverly Beal
“The #EmpoweredElegance campaign encompasses so much more than the launch of the lovely Aventus for Her fragrance. It is not only strengthen by its alluring scent, but also by the impact of supporting young women worldwide in achieving their goals and dreams through the I AM THAT GIRL organization. I'm proud to participate with the House of Creed and champion for the empowerment of all women. We must continue to aspire to inspire for this generation and for many more to come.” –Kimmy Huynh
"A mission of mine for women and young women is to empower and I have been told I am very passionate yet elegant with my approach, so I feel as if this campaign was meant for me to participate in. I really relate to powerful and iconic women--past and present--and I love the inspiration behind the creation of Aventus for women!"-  Kalei Lagunero