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October 09, 2017 3 min read


Maybe it’s all those years of going back to school—or the fact that you really are putting on more clothes—but no change in season has a more dramatic impact on the way we dress than the transition from summer to autumn. As a result, the time of golden leaves, chilly mornings, and cider donuts is when some of the best style takes place. Fall gives us textures—chunky knits, cozy cashmere, scarves, tweed, corduroy. It’s the season of layering, without the uniformed result of winter coat weather. In the spirit of “getting dressed,” the beginning of fall is also the perfect opportunity to embrace a new scent that supports whatever mood you’re channeling on any given day. Below, your olfactory options for four very different personalities and effects.
Love in White
Love in White is for the effortless, timeless type who has never had any qualms about wearing white after Labor Day. The blend—a clean, powdery mix of Florentine iris, French daffodil, magnolia, and Tonkin rice—offers the kind of comforting, almost fuzzy aura that pairs nicely with an oversized cashmere cardigan in cream or wheat, a suede saddle bag, and worn-in leathers. Bring it along for a weekend getaway at the Grace Mayflower in Litchfield County (or another charming New England Inn)—complete with apple picking, garden strolls, and antique-ing—then catch a whiff of soft, lingering vanilla with creamy Mysore sandalwood while you settle down with a book and cup of tea in front of the fire.
Millesime Imperial
The man who wears Millesime Imperial is the dapper, measured kind who has a thing for structured suits, enjoys taking long strolls in the Central Park, and knows the difference between bergamot and neroli. The fragrance starts out bold with citrus and marine notes (that’s lemon, green mandarin, and bergamot) that may call to mind sunnier days and locales—and make it a surprising and welcome contrast to a bespoke tweed suit and chestnut briefcase on a Monday commute. A rich dry down of sandalwood, musk, and amber provide lasting warmth on skin that lasts all day and feels right for fall.
Acqua Fiorentina
Acqua Fiorentina is inspired by the countryside of Florence in the 15th century, and with top notes of apple and greengage plum, a potpourri of carnation, bergamot, lemon, and rose, and a zesty base of cedar, sandalwood, and white grapefruit, the scent is as luminous as it is cheery. Its youthful, semi-sweet charm makes it ideal for weekend wear on the early days of the season when the leaves are still hanging on to a bit of green. Mist it on after Sunday barre or yoga—or skip the class and wear it to brunch with color-blocked athleisure. Complete the sporty effect with a bright phone case, headphones, fresh sneakers, a pastel Bkr bottle, and a printed scarf.
Aventus for Her
The feminine counterpart to the cult scent, Aventus for Her is inspired by Creed’s strong female clients (think: queens, empresses) and is the signature spritz of confident women who make lasting impressions. With apple, berries, patchouli, rose, peach, amber, and ylang ylang, the fresh floral is fitting for any situation. This fall, it might range from a Brooklyn office to a cabin in the Catskills to see the colors. In the case of the latter, a few sprays will give a feminine edge to vintage Levi’s, a waxed canvas pack, and an antique film camera. Who says you can’t smell amazing in the woods?