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August 26, 2017 3 min read

In honor of the launch of Viking, we recently traveled to Iceland with men who embody the Viking spirit. This new fragrance, created by Sixth Generation Master Perfumer Olivier Creed, was inspired by the incredibly crafted long ships, a centerpiece of the Viking Age and one of the greatest design feats of the ninth century. Creed Viking bottles boundless exploration for the modern man. In celebration of this new scent, today we debut The Viking Diaries, a new series on our blog that profiles Creed connoisseurs who exemplify  all that Viking represents. First up, we sat down with Erwin Creed, Seventh Generation Perfumer of The House of Creed.
Viking has been long-awaited among loyal Creed fans; the last men’s fragrance to debut was Aventus in 2010. What does this fragrance represent for the House of Creed?
Viking is a completely new scent that represents a different Creed man. While Aventus was for the man that’s career driven and ambitious, Viking is for another side of a man – the side that seeks exploration and adventure. This scent took years to develop. After such a success with Aventus, we wanted to make sure our next men’s launch was something special. So much so that we were even tweaking the scent just months before its launch. We don’t focus on market trends or consumer insights -- we’re driven by the art. For us, a scent has to be perfect or we won’t launch it.
The ingredients in Viking are among the best in the world. Did you work with your father on sourcing these scents for the fragrance? What was your involvement in the creation of Viking?
Yes, I work closely with my father – Olivier Creed – to source the ingredients that go into our fragrances. The production process used by The House of Creed is one of the oldest in the world and the use of all natural ingredients ensure we’re creating the most luxurious fragrances. The natural component of what we do means that the scent can vary, it’s a balance of keeping the scent as close as possible to its formula while also using the highest quality ingredients. Viking is a mix of the highest quality ingredients and has incredible longevity on skin.
How does Viking fit into The House of Creed Collection? What kind of man wears this scent?
The man that wears Viking is bold and goes against the grain – so he’s looking for a scent that will fuel those passions. It’s a powerful scent, something that will get attention in a room – some may prefer for wear during the evening rather than day. However, all fragrance smells differently on different people, body chemistry impacts how a fragrance wears on each person’s skin. That’s why we always suggest to try on scents before buying.
What does “Viking” mean to you?
To me, Viking is about challenge and embracing the unknown. It’s bold and fiery and a very masculine scent that’s unique from anything else in the Creed portfolio. I am excited to hear what Creed fans think of this new scent.
How do you channel the Viking spirit in your everyday life?
When I was very young, I wanted to be a Formula One driver. Step by step, I fell in love with the art of perfumery and this beautiful brand. But I get to fulfill both my dreams today. I’ve been racing in the Le Mans series and it’s been such a thrill. It’s how I channel my inner Viking spirit.