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With Father’s Day around the corner, here’s a go-to guide on five classic scents, and the men who’ll love them.Fathers are notoriously tough to shop for. When Mother’s Day rolls around, there are endless choices of jewelry, cosmetics, clothes and candles. But shopping for dad, especially if he’s the no-nonsense, utilitarian type, can present a real challenge. By this point, it’s clear that gifting another silk tie won’t inspire any real excitement. The key to success here is finding something that’ll play off his personality, something he can use every day. And that’s where The House of Creed comes in. A fine cologne hits both those points: there are enough options to suit any type of man, and, if you choose right, it won’t go to waste--he will absolutely spritz some on every morning. And Creed, a house that’s passed down trade secrets from father to son for six generations, is eminently qualified to offer a few suggestions on what men want. Below, is a look at five of our beloved colognes, and some suggestions on the kind of man who would love each one. [gallery columns="1" link="none" size="full" ids="3016"]
The Go-Getter | Creed Aventus
Is he a board-room running, deal-closing dynamo with an innate sense of power? The kind of man who prides himself on his accomplishments? Then Aventus is probably the cologne for him. Inspired by a conquering French emperor who excelled in war, peace, and romance, it features fruity top notes of Corsican blackcurrant and apple, grounded with a strong base of oakmoss and ambergris.
The Gentleman | Green Irish Tweed
For the traditionalist, who still holds the door and understands the value of a well-tailored suit, Green Irish Tweed is a perfect fit. Originally created for some of the greatest stars of the silver screen, it channels that glamorous era while staying thoroughly modern. Lemony verbena and floral iris come to the forefront at first, but over time Green Irish Tweed settles into a masculine mix of violet leaves and sandalwood for an earthy finish.
The Outdoorsman | Silver Mountain Water
Picture a crystal clear mountain stream, running through the Alps just as spring begins to peek through the snow. Capture that moment in a bottle, and you’ll have Silver Mountain Water, a clean, fresh mix of mandarin, green tea, and musk that makes the perfect cologne for men who think they don’t like cologne. A barely-there scent that’s the perfect match for someone who likes to get outside as early, and as often, as possible.
The Sophisticate | Royal Mayfair
Originally commissioned by the Duke of Windsor almost 80 years ago, Royal Mayfair captures all the sartorial elegance of London’s smartest neighborhood, where all the best shops keep a storefront. It’s also quintessentially British: gin, lime, and Scottish pine dominate this fresh cologne, with subtle undertones of orange and cedarwood. The man who appreciates the finer things in life — whether that’s a perfectly executed cocktail or a bespoke Savile Row three-piece — is sure to appreciate Royal Mayfair, too.
The Jet Setter | Millesime Imperial
Channeling the Mediterranean luxury of a Sicilian villa, Millesime Imperial speaks to the kind of man who prizes experiences over possessions, and would think nothing of dropping everything for a week on the Italian coast. On the off chance he can’t make it, the ingredients in this cologne make up a close second: fruit, sea salt, Sicilian lemon and wood make for a transportive experience. [striped]Shop The Post[/striped] [gallery ids="3121,3112,3115,3124,3113"]