The Essence of Summer: Discover Creed's Captivating Fragrances

The Essence of Summer: Discover Creed's Captivating Fragrances

Step into sun-drenched days with The House of Creed's summer fragrances for men and women, destined to transport you to exotic lands with their exhilarating citrus bursts, effervescent oceanic notes and luscious blends of seasonal fruits and florals.

These scintillating scents blend the warmth of the sun with a breezy lightness that captures the essence of summer. Whatever adventures you have on the horizon this season, read on to find a sun-inspired scent to suit.


Millesime Imperial

Millésime Impérial

Step into a realm of captivating warmth and luminous splendor with Millésime Impérial, a sparkling scent that mirrors the path of the sun as the day gives way to night.

This opulent creation is brimming with light from the zesty opening burst of bergamot and blackcurrant to the salty marine accord nestled into its heart. Rich cedarwood, sandalwood and musk round off the composition, lending a luxurious warmth that perfectly captures the spirit of summer.

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Virgin Island Water


Virgin Island Water

Embark upon a sensory voyage through crystal-clear Caribbean waters with Virgin Island Water. This luminous creation evokes a summer paradise, refreshing and reinvigorating the wearer with its exotic fruity, floral and woody notes. Vibrant bergamot, lime and tropical fruits instantly awaken the senses, while sweet jasmine and lush, white flowers weave a tapestry of warmth. Creamy coconut dances with tropical woods enveloping the wearer in a lingering, golden embrace. 

Inspired by the most breath-taking far-flung destinations, Virgin Island Water transports the wearer to a realm of sun-soaked bliss and carefree adventures, making it an exquisite summertime choice for him and for her. 

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Erolfa is an olfactive ode to salty seas and sun-drenched shores, inspired by summertime sails across the Mediterranean Sea. Both sparkling and fresh, this uplifting creation entices the wearer with its rush of zesty notes that conjure the citrus-scented breeze of the Mediterranean. A burst of herbal freshness capturing lavender and basil is anchored by a warming base of sandalwood and musk, which adds depth and allure to the composition. 
Masterfully capturing the essence of a sunlit adventure, Erolfa is an idyllic blend for summertime.

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Neroli Sauvage


Neroli Sauvage

Unearth an enchanting Italian garden in the height of summer with Néroli Sauvage, where enlivening citrus and decadent florals dance.

Effervescent orange, vibrant lemon and luscious grapefruit are warmed by ginger while the classic and celebrated scent of neroli paints a picture of a dazzling day spent in the sun. Vetiver and cedarwood soon emerge, enveloping the wearer and evoking the warmth and vibrancy of a sun-dappled summer soirée. 

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Original Vetiver


Original Vétiver

Stay cool in the summer heat with captivatingly fresh Original Vétiver. Unlike traditional woody vetiver offerings, Original Vétiver blends all three parts of the vetiver plant-roots, leaves and the rich heart-creating a revitalizing and exquisitely fresh aroma. This instantly whisks the wearer away to summer, where the air shimmers with vitality and warmth. 

A harmonious debut of citrus and earthy notes enchants the senses and sets the summer scene. As the fragrance settles, Original Vetiver reveals its true allure with rich cedarwood and white musk lending a lasting warmth reminiscent of summertime.

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Jardin D'Amalfi


Jardin D'Amalfi

Embrace the spirit of summer with Jardin D'Amalfi. A sparkling citrus debut of zesty bergamot, lemon and mandarin sweeps the wearer away to the sun-drenched Amalfi coast. 

As the symphony of notes unfolds, a luscious heart of heavenly jasmine and Bulgarian rose emerges, conjuring up the sweet-smelling pergolas that dot the Italian coastline. Haitian vetiver and cedarwood add depth and sophistication to this exquisite summertime scent. 

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Love in White For Summer


Love In White For Summer

Conjure the sweetness of a summer romance in the French Riviera with Love in White For Summer. As the sweet, sun-kissed counterpart to The House of Creed's beloved women's perfume Love in White, this fragrance is a summertime symphony of fruity florals. 

A lively burst of refreshing apple, luscious peach and red berries blossoms into a rich floral heart of jasmine, freesia and Florentine iris reminiscent of a summer breeze. Harmoniously blended and exquisitely uplifting, Love in White For Summer encapsulates the carefree energy of summer, making it an enchanting olfactive companion for balmy days and nights.  

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