Aventus Cologne Interview With Olivier Creed

Aventus Cologne Interview With Olivier Creed


As loyal Creed followers know, Aventus celebrates strength, power and success and disrupted the niche fragrance category when it launched in 2010. Nearly a decade later, with a fresh take on this legendary scent, The House of Creed is debuting its unconventional new companion, Aventus Cologne, a universal fragrance with individuals and risk-takers in mind.  We sat down with Olivier Creed, to learn more about his inspiration for the highly-anticipated new fragrance. Read on to hear more about his creative process, and what went into developing our latest Creed scent.


What inspired you to develop Aventus Cologne?

"Aventus is such a legendary scent within our collection – the best-selling scent in the history of Creed. For that creation, I was inspired by the dramatic life of a historic emperor. In 2016, we launched Aventus for Her as the counterpart to the legendary Aventus. It took three years to create something befitting of its male counterpart that truly embodies powerful women – past, present and future. With Aventus Cologne I was inspired to create a universal scent – a fresher, modern take to complement these two icons but that would provide an olfactive experience entirely of its own."


What type of customer did you have in mind when developing this scent?

"The Aventus Cologne wearer is a true individual and a risk-taker; they don’t follow the status quo. They are the ones setting the trends vs. just wearing them.  I see this client as the younger, cooler cousin or sibling to Aventus and Aventus for Her. It’s a contemporary and expressive scent."


Why was is important to create Aventus Cologne?

"For years, we have seen a very loyal following for our Aventus and Aventus for Her fragrances. With Aventus Cologne, I saw an opportunity to create a universal scent that could be enjoyed by men and women alike. For me, it’s not about creating a scent that will sell, but more about developing an olfactory masterpiece that marries our art of perfumery with the best ingredients in the world."


Aventus Cologne is a Millésime composition. What does that mean?

"It’s very important for our customer to know that Aventus Cologne is not a flanker or a “watered-down” version of Aventus. It has a completely different scent profile and personality. The term Millésime is from wine terminology meaning the ‘best of the crop’. Much like fine wine, perfume making mirrors that labor intensive process. Our Millésimes are blends of the highest concentration of infused oils and the best ingredients chosen."


How did you come up with the gray bottle?

"As our loyal Creed customers know, the Aventus bottle is black, the Aventus for Her bottle is white, so it made sense for Aventus Cologne to be gray in order to complement the trilogy. The color gray is in between black and white which also speaks to Aventus Cologne as a universal scent made to be worn by men and women alike."


Can you elaborate on the top, middle and base notes for this scent?

"The fragrance lives in the woody fresh category; it compliments Aventus and Aventus for Her, but it’s completely unique. Aventus Cologne opens with bright ginger, mandarin and rosebay. The earthy heart notes include patchouli, Indian sandalwood and vetiver. Base notes include styrax, birch, musk and tonka bean. I recommend trying Aventus Cologne on skin as it dries down beautifully."


What does this new fragrance mean to the Creed portfolio?

"I love the diversity of our men’s and women’s portfolio. Aventus Cologne will add another dimension to our currently line-up and given the success of Aventus and Aventus for Her, I have a feeling it will do extremely well."


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