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Choosing A Wedding Day Scent With Sky Naite

Choosing A Wedding Day Scent With Sky Naite
Los Angeles-based blogger, Sky Naite, got married at an intimate, Instagram-worthy ceremony in Greece this August, after a yearlong engagement to her now husband, Adam. To commemorate the occasion, she chose a scent from The House of Creed’s Les Royales Exclusives Collection to wear on her big day. Each fragrance in the collection is hand crafted with the highest quality ingredients and are befitting for life’s most precious moments. Read on to hear more about Sky’s process in choosing her wedding day scent.



What inspired you to choose Greece as your wedding destination?
My husband and I love to travel and we always knew we would have a destination wedding. When it came to picking a place, Greece was no brainer as Santorini is known for the prettiest sunsets and its white rooftops. Having the beautiful views of the water, sunsets and white rooftops was a guarantee for great pictures.
How would you describe the atmosphere of your big day? What did you want you and your husband want your guests to remember?
The atmosphere was extremely romantic and intimate as there were just a little under 30 guests. We wanted everyone to be able to talk to everyone during our wedding and become friends, not just the people they hung out with that day. The main goal of the wedding was to have an extremely fun event to celebrate our union and let me tell you we have achieved it! We also worked very hard on the details to make the wedding more personal as well, such as Polaroid photo booth with our names and date, custom napkins, and more to ensure that love would be in the air!
Tell us about the process of choosing your wedding day scent. How did you choose your fragrance for such a special occasion?
Choosing the right scent for the wedding is just as important as the right flowers. I wanted that special scent to be on me at all times and give the romantic feeling. White Flowers was an instant “yes” to me after I first smelled it. It reminded me of our wedding flowers, which were Austin Roses.  After first smelling it, I sprayed it a few more times over the next couple of days which reassured me that this was going to be my wedding day scent.
How would you describe White Flowers?
Romantic, dreamy and refreshing. It’s not a heavy, strong smell and I loved the easiness it put me at when I sprayed it – it helped me be calm and be confident.
What’s your best memory from 8.20.17?
Right before we left the venue after the wedding was over I stopped to look around and took a deep breath. I couldn’t believe that it was everything I have ever dreamt of and more. I was blessed that nothing (and I mean absolutely nothing) went wrong, we had a great team of wedding planners, florists and helpful friends that turned into family to make it all happen. I will never forget that feeling of happiness and achievement.
Have you worn the scent since your wedding day? Does it take you back to a particular memory?
Yes, I have worn it quite a few times already. Every time I take the cap off it takes me back to the special day and I get a flashback of taking it out in Santorini, while looking out to the beautiful waters of Greece thinking that I would soon be walking down the isle and say “I do” to the man of my dreams.
The White Flowers bottle is very jewel-like – it’s gilded in 10K gold, where do you keep the bottle now?
It’s on the vanity display in our bedroom, next to our first name initials. The packaging is too beautiful to be put away anywhere -- it deserves a special place for all to see it.
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