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Creed Destinations: Alaska

Creed Destinations: Alaska
Alaska: America’s final frontier. It is wild, sublime, and radiates a potent sense of adventure much like The House of Creed’s Silver Mountain Water fragrance. In this Creed Destinations, we explore and cruise through its awe-inspiring landscape and majestic geography.


To truly experience Alaska, you must immerse yourself in its nature. Denali National Park is home to North America’s tallest mountain peak. Denali has been a mecca for those seeking adventure for more than a century and continues to enchant those eager for a challenge to test themselves against this raw and wild landscape. 

The White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad retraces the original route of the White Pass Summit of the Klondike Gold Rush. The small gold flakes found here in the 1800s amid a depression triggered the incredible stampede for riches. Follow the treacherous 600-mile journey via railroad through a landscape of mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, and gorges. A visit to Alaska isn’t complete until you get up close and personal with the beauty of a glacier. There are few things more daring and incredible than to come face to face with the awe-inspiring Mendenhall Glacier. Encounter layers of rich blue and white ice and discover its mysteries. 


Perfectly located just one mile from the Denali National Park Entrance, the McKinley Chalet Resort is perfectly situated as a relaxing gateway to the preserve. Less like your typical resorts, modern cabins are sprawled through a spruce forest, giving you that exploratory feeling of being at a secluded lodge.  


It can be said that the seafood of Alaska is unmatched. With several species of salmon, whitefish, and shellfish, Alaska offers endless delicious seafood options. From king crab legs to halibut tacos, you won’t tire of the available options. If you don’t consider yourself a seafood enthusiast, Alaska also offers other unique options such as reindeer sausage, a local favorite. At Orso Restaurant located in Anchorage, you’ll have your choice of which delicious seafood delicacy to try in a high-class atmosphere with perfect presentation. For something a bit more laid back, The Alaska Fish House in Ketchikan boasts locally caught fish, the standout dish being silver salmon dipped in panko. Enjoy your meal outside overlooking the ocean and keep your eyes peeled for wildlife! For something completely unexpected yet superb, eat at Moose-Aka’s in Denali for a mouthwatering Eastern European meal. You may not expect to find first-class Serbian moussaka in the wilderness of Alaska, but you won’t go wrong with any order here. 


When you’re about to embark on an adventure or are just yearning for that feeling of excitement, Silver Mountain Water is perfect for the occasion. That feeling of not knowing what possibilities await and focusing on the memories that will be in the making. Perfectly capturing the essence of the sweet outdoors, even the bottle with its white color and silver cap evokes glaciers and snowy mountain tops.  

Due to Alaska’s cool weather, your fragrance is sure to last all day. Spray Silver Mountain Water on your pulse points: wrists and neck as well as your scarf for an extra boost. This revitalizing, fresh, and yet tranquil fragrance opens with top notes of bergamot, mandarin, and neroli. The middle notes smoothly move into green tea and blackcurrant bud, ending in the base of Sandalwood and seductive musk. The exhilarating and versatile spirit of Silver Mountain Water is the perfect match for the wild and sublime Alaska. 

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Images and words by @LevitateStyle

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