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Creed Destinations: Java

Creed Destinations: Java
The spicy woody notes of Vetiver Geranium were inspired by Olivier Creed’s travels to the exotic island of Java. One whiff immediately transports you to the island’s tropical jungles and green rolling hills. To celebrate the exotic adventure that Vetiver Geranium captures, we transport you to the striking island of Java, Indonesia.
Java offers a variety of sceneries, from lush jungles to rugged volcanic landscapes. The eastern part of the island is an extremely volcanic region reminiscent of prehistoric landscapes: rugged and barren, yet beaming with life. An early morning trek to the top of Mount Bromo will treat visitors to an amazing sunrise with swaths of low lying clouds cradling the mountain peaks as puffs of volcanic smoke emerge from below. Continuing to explore the area, Madakaripura, is a chamber of seven waterfalls of all different sizes pouring into a crystal clear blue pool below. After the sun sets, make your way over to Mt. Ijen to observe one of the planet’s most marvelous phenomena: liquid Sulphur oozes out of the earth and immediately ignites on contact with the surface air. The result is a magical show; blue flames dance and move in the gentle mountain breeze.
Nestled in the mountainous regions of Java, far away from the city, the Amanjiwo overlooks Borobudur Temple – a UNESCO world heritage site. The Amanjiwo offers simplistic luxury immersed in the beauty of the jungles of Java. Walks around the resort’s temple-like grounds are tranquil and breathtaking with views of jungle palms and rice fields – a true escape.
Indonesia’s variety of fruit, spice and vegetables make the cuisine one of a kind, with local caught fish as a staple on any menu. Much of the food is sourced from farms and rice terraces that serve as the view from many rural destinations. One popular dish is Nasi Gudeg, made from young unripe jackfruit which is smoked for several hours with palm sugar and coconut milk. It is then stewed with garlic, shallots, coriander seeds, galangal, bay leaves and teak leaves. The result is a visually stunning display of delicious aromas and flavors. Be sure to enjoy a Ramayana dinner while in Java, where the world famous ballet is performed with live music over a feast of local cuisine.
How to Wear it
Java is characterized by two distinct seasons depending on what time of day you find yourself exploring the island. The mornings are brisk and foggy while the afternoons are dry, as the sun intensifies throughout the day. Spray the fragrance on your neck and wrists to ensure longevity in the warmer tempurtures. The dry mountainous air helps to carry the woody and spicy base notes of the fragrance long into the day. When your Java adventure comes to an end, a spritz back at home will instantly transport you to this volcanic wonderland across the ocean.
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