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#Creeddestinations: Iceland

#Creeddestinations: Iceland
In the bold and fearless spirit of Viking, we take you to Iceland: land of fire and ice. With breathtaking landscapes, this destination offers stunning nature with Scandinavian style. With volcanoes, glaciers and limitless energy, Iceland is the embodiment of Creed’s Viking fragrance. Below is a guide to help you experience everything this incredible place has to offer. 
Iceland has a vibrant restaurant scene, from fine dining to quaint local fair. Because of the climate, not much vegetation grows in Iceland, but make a point to try the seafood caught locally, local lamb, fresh-baked breads and dairy. Breakfast is usually simple and many hotels offer it complimentary. Expect a spread of quality cheeses, bread and meats along with fruit spreads and the famous Icelandic skyr yogurt. If you’re looking for a casual breakfast while exploring Reykjavik, stop by Brauð & Co. for fresh-baked breads and pastries and then walk across the street for some of the best coffee in Iceland, at Reykjavik Roasters. For fine dining with an adventurous twist in Reykjavik, try Grillmarkadurinn – the menu is filled with delicious local fare and expertly prepared unique dishes. The décor is rustic chic with knotted wooden tables, slate walls and dramatic light fixtures. For a more laid-back feel, Saemundur i Sparifotunum is a gastro-pub inside the KEX hostel. Popular among backpackers and locals alike, expect a crowd but many tables are shared and the atmosphere is friendly. Try one of the Nordic craft beers on tap and the delicious free-range Icelandic beef burger while enjoying waterfront views.
Accommodations have expanded in recent years as tourism to Reykjavik and Iceland becomes more popular. The 101 Hotel is centrally located with luxe modern décor throughout their 38 rooms. The rooms feel distinctly Scandinavian but are spacious by European standards with statement art in the common areas, giving the hotel a boutique art gallery atmosphere. The unique interior décor flows into a lobby lounge where light food and beverages are served fireside.  Steps from the hotel is the main shopping street and it’s a short walk to the waterfront, so make sure to explore the area before or after day trips. For a more local experience, Airbnb rentals can offer more space and immersion into the neighborhoods of Reykjavik. There are great choices near the downtown areas, look for something in the Laugardalur neighborhood to ensure your central to shopping, dining and day tours departures. When choosing a rental, be sure to read past reviews to ensure a luxurious experience.
Between the urban Reykjavik attitude and the majestic native landscape, the activities are endless. Take a trip to Laugavegur in Reykjavik – dubbed by Vogue as Iceland’s coolest street – the mix of tourist shops and local stores have a great selection of gifts, souvenirs and local activewear brands such as famed 66 North if you didn’t pack enough warm layers. Pop into the chic Húrra Reykjavik men’s and women’s separate shops a few blocks off the main street to try on some of Scandinavia’s street styles along with an eclectic curated mix of the coolest brands. Day trips from Reykjavik are easily accessible and will offer plenty of time to experience the splendor of the island. About 75 miles outside the city is the Seljalandsfoss waterfall – falling nearly 200 feet off a cliff at the base of the volcano glacier Eyjafjallajökull – visitors can usually walk behind the falls into a small cave. Be prepared to get a little misty if you decide to take the walk behind the falls, but the photos will prove worth it. An Iceland must is a trip to one of the many hot springs across the country, they range in how much service is offered but the most popular is the Blue Lagoon. Just outside of the city, Blue Lagoon is a great way to spend a morning of relaxation enjoying the warmth and beauty after the adventures of your trip. Regardless of your agenda, be sure to incorporate Sigur Ros and Bjork into your playlist for the week. The Icelandic bands will set an authentic soundtrack to your journey.
Given the cool climate, fragrance will last during your stay in Iceland; the lack of humidity means that the weather won’t cause the scent to evaporate as quickly as it does in warmer destinations. Spray Viking on your neck, wrists and scarf for extra lasting power. Top notes of lemon and pink peppercorn are sure to get you noticed when you apply it, while the middle notes of rose and peppermint settle into a smooth yet powerful scent. The notes of Sandalwood at the base will help to anchor the scent on fabrics. For both fashion and function, Iceland is a land of layering as the temperature changes so dramatically based on daily conditions. By spraying the scent on your pulse points, the woody base notes within Viking the scent will stay with you throughout your Icelandic adventures. 
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