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Fragrance 101: Citrus, Sandalwood, And The Arrival Of Spring Fragrances

Fragrance 101: Citrus, Sandalwood, And The Arrival Of Spring Fragrances
It’s an occasion that occurs each and every year: winter hits its bracing crescendo, and then blessedly transitions into the bountiful gift that is spring. Inspired by those in-between moments, we’re turning to two fragrances that embody the changing of seasons, each with a foot in the heady scents of winter while stepping assuredly into the fresh promise of spring. 
Silver Mountain Water and Love in White are the fragrances of choice, and though disparate scents, do share commonalities: bright citrus top notes, and grounding sandalwood at the base. Join us as we examine just what makes these two the perfect scent selections for the turning over of winter to spring.
Citrus: A Bright, Sparkling Top Note
Breathe in the scent of any member from the citrus family, and you can nearly feel the warmth of sun on your skin. Citrus is the bon vivant of the fragrance library, lending an intoxicating spirit of joy that is at once timeless and modern—a vivacious pulse with an invigorating, unmistakable allure. 
Whether bittersweet orange zest, honeyed neroli, or subtly floral bergamot, each variety of citrus is distinct yet immediately familiar. Bold and energetic at first spritz, citrus notes dry down to a more delicate finish, shimmering softly like rays of light on shallow seas. 
Sandalwood: A Grounding, Warm Base Note
Hailing from the forests of India and Australia, sandalwood is one of the most precious and valuable woods on earth. Its essence, which is harvested from sandalwood trees that must be at least 15 years of age, has been used in incense, oils, and aromatherapy treatments for thousands of years. 
Sandalwood is a lesson in dichotomy: it is soft yet confident, creamy yet spicy, and striking yet familiar. The ingredient is a favorite base note of perfumers, thanks to its versatility and ability to balance out more volatile, conspicuous top notes. With every spritz of a fragrance that contains sandalwood, you’ll discover a captivating scent that lingers beautifully on the skin long after it is applied.
A Transporting, Exhilarating Scent: Silver Mountain Water
Silver Mountain Water has been an iconic best seller since it was introduced more than two decades ago. And for good reason: the fragrance captures the sweet purity of high mountain air, bringing an invigorating yet calming confidence to the wearer no matter the locale or time of year. 
The first whiff imparts a burst of citrusy freshness from bergamot, mandarin, and neroli, which makes way for the smooth sweetness of milky blackcurrant buds paired with earthy green tea. The base notes and backbone of sandalwood and musk finish the fragrance with a rich, arresting allure that lingers and stays close to the body as the day treads on.
A Serene, Timeless Scent: Love in White
With ingredients hand-selected from five different continents, Love in White celebrates the sophisticated craftsmanship of Creed fragrances.. It’s an intimate scent that envelopes the wearer in comfort—as soft as cashmere, as effortless as a breath of air, as inspiring as a stroll through a blooming garden. 
Love in White opens with luminous orange zest from Italy, unfolding into a floral, fresh bouquet of Florentine iris, feminine Bulgarian rose, and powdery Tonkin rice. It dries down to a dreamy, lingering finale of creamy sandalwood, musky ambergris, and a touch of sweet vanilla to create a soothing, truly unforgettable scent.

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