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Fragrance 101: Rose

Fragrance 101: Rose
No other flower has charmed us throughout history quite like rose. Cleopatra famously scented the sails of her ship with rose water and filled her palace with petals to win over Mark Antony; Gertrude Stein called out the flower in the poem “Sacred Emily,” writing “Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose;” and, of course, William Shakespeare was a fan. Roses are synonymous with romance and have been forever; in Greek mythology, they were associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Whereas some flowers dominate in either fragrance or appearance, roses are equally exquisite in both. Simply put, they’re irresistible. 


It’s often said that rose is the queen of flowers, but you could argue that the elegant perennial is the queen of fragrance as well. It’s perfumery’s most beloved floral note—and with its lush, dewy, complex bouquet, it can be blended to achieve myriad, and unisex, results. Rose can be traditional, honey-sweet and ultra-feminine, or bold, peppery, and statement-worthy.
 There are hundreds of varieties of the flower—from the mesmerizing lilac amnesia rose to the endlessly-petaled garden variety—but the most favored in perfumery are the Damask Rose and luscious rosa centifolia, which are grown in Bulgaria, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, and France. In the mood for the dreamy flower? Learn about some of our rose-laced blends, below. 
Floralie: The All-Out Floral Rose.

With a name like Floralie, you can expect a flower-forward scent, and the fragrance is gloriously, unapologetically so. To wear it is like breathing in a freshly-cut bouquet. It’s simultaneously rich, delicate, fresh, and slightly dank thanks to a mix of deep, velvety Bulgarian rose, heady tuberose and lilac, along with a subtle hint of sunny marigold. All that lushness is then countered by a soft and warm base of zesty cedar, amber, and musk. Olivier Creed’s goal was to celebrate flowers as art, and Floralie delivers.  

Viking: The Commanding, Spicy Rose.

Viking proves that rose doesn’t have to be girly or traditional. The top notes are spicy and bright—thanks to pink peppercorn, Sicilian lemon, and Italian bergamot—and an attractive combo of Bulgarian rose and peppermint lends a cool, rich edge. Olivier Creed was inspired by Viking ships—and the courage, determination, and strength they symbolize—and their mighty vibe, which is further emphasized by the masculine foundation of vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood, and lavender, is translated to any who choose to don it. 

Love in White: The Smooth and Delicate Rose.

There’s something about smelling Love in White that makes you feel totally at peace. It’s cashmere-soft, feminine, sophisticated, clean. Rose isn’t immediately detectable—the fragrance opens with luminous Italian orange zest—but as it unfolds you’ll pick up a mellow and addicting mixture of soothing iris, French daffodil, fresh magnolia, dewy Bulgarian rose, powdery rice and a yummy, creamy base of vanilla and sandalwood.  

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