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Fragrance 101: Superlative Scents For Spring And Summer’S Most Meaningful Moments

Fragrance 101: Superlative Scents For Spring And Summer’S Most Meaningful Moments

The arrival of early summer brings with it so many exquisite promises. Decadently fragrant blooms that perfume gardens and sidewalks. A sense of exhilarating bliss from long-awaited sun and warmth. And occasions that celebrate some of the most cherished individuals in your life.

With these precious moments in mind, we're looking at two scents from the collection that is the crown jewel of The House of Creed: our Les Royales Exclusives fragrances - both to gift and to wear yourself in homage to the resplendent season. 

A Most Gracious Gift: The Les Royales Exclusives Collection

With citrus-infused top notes and grounding musky bases, Pure White Cologne and White Flowers are fitting fragrances for these jaunty spring and summer months—and make immensely treasured gifts for those who deserve something especially special, whether it be a graduate, newlywed, or someone whom you wish to show just how much you care.

They’re two of five scents from our incomparable Les Royales Exclusives Collection, which is The House of Creed’s equivalent to the rarest vintages or priceless works of art—a celebration of and the embodiment of our craft in its most true and unfettered state. The scents begin with only the choicest and most noble essences, which are blended by hand into a fragrance using Creed’s historic and time-intensive infusion technique. Each comes housed in a 24k gold-etched bottle by French glassmaker Pochet, creating a gift of quality, legacy, and utmost collectability. 

“I consider each Les Royales Exclusives Collection scent to be its own work of art,” says Olivier Creed, who created the collection in 2010 to honor the house’s 250th anniversary. “Our sense of smell is very powerful and is closely linked to memories. I’ve heard repeatedly from customers that they purchase a Les Royales Exclusives scent to mark a special occasion such as a wedding or anniversary. To me, that is the ultimate compliment to my craft. What’s more special than linking an olfactory work of art with one of life’s most treasured memories?”

A Fresh, Refined Gift for Him: Pure White Cologne 

White Pure Cologne

Introduced a decade ago in 2011, Pure White Cologne pays tribute to the classic citrus-infused eau de cologne, introducing a refreshing sophistication that brings the wearer a burst of confidence wherever they may go. With a honeyed, powdered elegance, the refined subtleties call to mind the fine mist of a foggy London day. The scent opens with a brisk brightness thanks to top notes of lemon, Sicilian bergamot, and Italian grapefruit, and gives way to a hint of sweetness from middle notes of galbanum, pear, and neroli. Base notes of ambergris, white musk, and rice powder round it all out with a grounding, clean effect, creating a fragrance that’s as understated and timeless as a crisp white collared shirt.

A Dreamy, Escapist Gift for Her: White Flowers

White Flower Bottle

Like embracing a bouquet of blooms at their peak, our White Flowers fragrance is nothing short of heavenly, at once rich and delicate, and complex yet clean. Just like its escapist inspiration—the divine, ethereal worlds beyond the clouds—the scent takes its wearer on a journey, setting off with velvety-green top notes of violet leaves, green apple, and lemon. The dominant note of jasmine arrives with fellow floral middle notes geranium and rose, which is rounded out by base notes of earthy musk, sandalwood, and narcissus. To wear White Flowers is to experience a glimpse of the eternal—a paradisiacal garden filled with sunlight and the most perfectly perfumed breeze. 

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