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Fragrance 101: Viking

Fragrance 101: Viking
Whether you’re a longtime Creed devotee, or a newcomer who is eager to learn more about our iconic fragrance house, one is sure to be inspired by our refreshed Fragrance 101 series, where we'll highlight the best of Creed, one fragrance at a time. First up: the fiery and daring Viking.
Behind every great perfume is a great idea, and when Olivier Creed set out to create a bold and adventurous men’s scent to follow up the legendary, stately Aventus, he looked to one of the most powerful and storied groups in history: the Vikings. As a passionate sailor, he was particularly inspired by the Scandinavian explorers’ signature longships, the fierce and graceful vessels that lead them everywhere from North America to the Mediterranean. “Being on the sea is my passion, and I’ve always been fascinated by the architecture of longships and the people who sailed them,” Creed explains. “I was inspired by the unwavering commitment to discovering new territory, both physically and metaphorically.” Longships were swift, a feat of design, and could just as expertly navigate narrow rivers as the open ocean. The men behind them were fearless.  
The finished product is the aptly named Viking, a fiery voyage that launched in 2017 and begins before you even try it on. Its scarlet bottle stands out in the House of Creed oeuvre, and it’s adorned with a classic depiction of the Viking ships that have become synonymous with strength and discovery. The journey continues with an initial impression that’s simultaneously spicy, warm, and confident—courtesy of a mixture of bittersweet Calabrian bergamot, shimmering Sicilian lemon, and hot pink peppercorn at the top—and refreshingly cool, with an unexpected mash-up of peppermint, lush Bulgarian rose, and peppercorn that calls to mind wild, icy waters. At the base, an herb-y woods mix of Indian Patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver and lavandin adds to its mighty presence and anchors the blend.  
Like the men that inspired it, Viking is complex, determined, and daring—and a necessary addition to the fragrance wardrobe of any and all who seek adventure.  
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