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Fragrance 101: White Amber And Sublime Vanille

Fragrance 101: White Amber And Sublime Vanille
As the leaves change and the weather cools, it becomes time to embrace the  comforts of autumn. Pull out your favorite cashmere sweater, light a fire in the hearth, and turn to a fragrance that epitomizes the beauty and energy of the new season.


Two such scents are White Amber and Sublime Vanille from The House of Creed’s exemplary Les Royales Exclusives collection, which share common ingredients of warm, autumnal vanilla along with a bouquet of fragrant florals.

Each of the six fragrances under the Les Royales Exclusives collection are considered the crown jewels of Creed—blends that Olivier Creed refers to as “works of art.” Such prestige is evident at every step in the process: The fragrances are made of only the noblest essences, crafted by hand in a rare infusion technique, and housed in a bottle by legacy French glassmakers Pochet. A finish of 24k gold etchings make them a stunningly thoughtful gift and a striking addition to the vanity.

Vanilla: A Sweet Note with Depth


Vanilla is ubiquitous, instantly recognizable in both flavor and scent thanks to its widespread popularity in culinary and fragrance spheres. Its mention will often conjure up memories of the very sweet—often overtly so. Though if executed properly, it can add a warm delicateness and surprising sophistication to the notes it accompanies—one that lingers close to skin in an addicting, lightly sweet way.

And though its warming properties make it an ingredient of choice for the cool weather of fall, vanilla actually hails from tropical regions like Mexico, Indonesia, and Madagascar. Harvested from the vanilla orchid—a highly labor-intensive, finicky plant—the tiny seeds inside vanilla beans are among the most valuable spices in the world, second only to saffron.

An Enticing, Elevated Scent: Sublime Vanille 

Sublime Vanille & Jardin d' Amalfi Bottles

Sublime Vanille possesses a heady decadence, an addicting stroke of elegance that is beloved by ardent vanilla fans and even those who often consider the note to be too cloying. The fragrance opens up with top notes of vanilla from Comoros (a small island off the coast of Mozambique) and Tonka bean, creating a sweet yet spicy combination that sets a strong precedent and invites others closer. Middle notes of citrusy white bergamot and lemon add sprightly contrast to the warm top notes, only to be grounded again with a soft and creamy Tonkin musk base. It’s an irresistible, comforting gourmand fragrance that hangs tantalizingly on the skin of the wearer as the day moves on.

A Luminous, Velvety Scent: White Amber
White Amber and Pure White Cologne Bottles with white and gold atomizer
The latest addition to the Les Royales Exclusives Collection, White Amber pays homage to its highly prized resinous namesake, imparting a floral-forward scent grounded by rich, precious spices. Amber, along with vanilla and fruity accord, open up the fragrance with an almost golden effect, invoking the beauty of amber itself. Middle and base notes are composed of earthy sandalwood, benzoin resin, and a bouquet of jasmine and other floral accords—a balancing act of sorts that results sophistication to the most unforgettable degree.


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