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Introducing The #Creedclassics

Introducing The #Creedclassics
Earlier this month, The House of Creed headed to Troutbeck Estate located in beautiful Amenia, NY to re-introduce friends of the brand to the Creed Classics, five of our most-beloved fragrances, and to enjoy all the beauty that fall brings to the region this time of year.  Read on below to discover more about our Classics, and learn more about what we were up to during our stay.
 The Scents:


Whether you’re looking to boost your confidence at a high-stakes meeting or create a lasting impression on date night, chances are  AventusAventus For HerAventus CologneMillesime Imperial, or Silver Mountain Water will fill a void in one’s fragrance wardrobe. This selection of scents speaks to the heritage of The House of Creed, and showcases the breadth of unique fragrances that 6th generation Olivier Creed, and his son 7th generation Erwin Creed have spent their entire lifetimes perfecting.

Day One:

Inside Troutbeck Estate

After checking in to Troutbeck, guests were introduced to the collection over a fire-side chat where they learned about fragrance wardrobing for seasons and occasions, how to properly test a fragrance on the skin, and about the unique Creed creation process.

Whiskey and Cheese Tasting at Hillrock Distillery

Following the fragrance consultations, the group departed for Hillrock, a whiskey distillery located in the Hudson Valley Highlands that oversees every step of their whiskey creation process (quite similar to that of The House of Creed and their fragrances) by growing their own grain that is then craft-distilled in a copper still, aged in fine oak barrels, and hand-bottled at their estate. Guests tasted a selection of whiskey and local cheeses while getting to know one another on the beautiful Hillrock grounds. 

Day Two:

Guests Participating in Horseback Riding and Falconry 

The day began by basking in the autumn foliage on horseback at Mountain Valley Farm, just a short drive from the Troutbeck grounds. We took in the beauty of the Hudson Valley by riding over hills and through the forests with our guides, and afterwards returned to Troutbeck to enjoy a river-side picnic and bonfire. Later in the afternoon, everyone made their way to the open fields for a lesson in falconry, a practice dating back thousands of years. There we were allowed to observe the birds of prey in flight, and get up-close and personal with a few owls.

Heirloom Fire Preparing Dinner

For dinner, guests were treated to a fire-side spectacle with Heirloom Fire, who created and prepared a meal inspired entirely by the five Creed Classics.  Scallops with apple, peach, and lime were inspired by Millesime Imperial, along with vegetables roasted with grapefruit, garlic, and bergamot inspired by Aventus. For dessert, Heirloom’s founder James Gop created a cascading bouquet of roses on the table with incense soaked in Aventus For Her while serving rose panna cotta with apple, wine grapes, and honey.  An olfactory feast in every way.

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