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Introducing: The House Of Creed’S New Collection For The Home.

Introducing: The House Of Creed’S New Collection For The Home.


Now more than ever, our homes have become a sanctuary. The need to create a space that can transport the mind and elevate our moods is more necessary than ever before. Thus, The House of Creed is  thrilled to introduce a new collection of scents and candles for the home just in time for the holiday season.


collection of room sprays and candles in a library setting


From spicy scents of oud and the sweet-smelling trees of Myanmar, to the citrus groves of Southern Italy and everywhere in between, these scents add a sense of luxury to any space. Each scent draws inspiration from destinations where Olivier Creed has discovered many of the extraordinary ingredients over the years to create The House of Creed fragrances.

 The thoughtfully designed home perfumes are set in a luxurious ribbed glass decanter and placed in one of Creed’s embossed monochrome boxes. They immediately transform any space to a scent reminiscent of far-reaching corners of the world.


Each candle is set in exquisite glass, topped with brass and featuring Creed’s royal plume crest. Created from a natural wax, the new Home Collection candles have an average burn time of approximately sixty hours. Each one is placed in a beautifully modern embossed monochrome box making this a luxurious gift for all.

We recently paid a visit to our friends at The Maker in Hudson, New York to bring the collection to life. Each scent seemed to be perfectly suited to a different area of the beautiful boutique hotel - from the rich, deep Birmaine Oud in the library, to the refreshingly tropical Sea Island in the plant-filled atrium. Relax and escape as Creed’s home fragrance collection fuels your senses with the most luxurious ingredient combinations for you and your home. Holistic and hypnotic, these exotic scents will envelop any space with pure luxurious beauty in the air.



Created with the Far East in mind, Birmanie Oud is the perfect blend of sweet styrax mixed with fragrant tonka bean. A deep woody essence of benzoin leaves a dark and mysterious scent, ideal for cold winter nights by a crackling fire in a library or den. Featuring sumptuous and opulent ingredients, this scent instantly creates a warm and optimistic space.



Inspired by the rolling hills of Malaysia, Cananga infuses healing notes from the ylang-ylang plant to create a calm, nurturing space. Ideal in a work space or home office to create delicate, long-lasting sense of tranquility. Fresh and floral, Cananga features a concerto of blooms that will gently freshen, inspire and illuminate.



Inspired by the memories of maritime adventures enjoyed by Olivier Creed and his young family, Sea Island exudes a misty freshness.  The comforting smell unexpectedly blends citrus against velvety coconut notes that brings warmth, beauty and exoticism to your favorite spaces, particularly those where the mind can easily wander to the tropics, whether it be an outdoor space in the summertime, or an indoor atrium filled with your favorite plant life.



As darkness prevails Toscana burns, a sweet-smelling scent inspired by the floral gardens of Tuscany. Dreamy and delicate, the subtle sweetness of this candle bewitches you and your dearest. Formulated from tuberose and iris petals, this floral scent brings a sense of exquisite beauty, perfectly suited to a bedroom.



Inspired by India, Vanisia is full of delicate swirls of dreamy vanilla. Sweet and sensual, Vanisia is the perfect blend of sugary vanilla mixed with a heady amber note, creating a well-balanced fragrance for the home. Invigorating and long lasting, it’s the perfect combination of notes for your lounge or den where the conversation always seems to flow and the cocktails are easily at hand. 



Shop the Creed Home Collection exclusively at our Creed Boutiques in North America or at our Online Boutique.

Thank you to our friends at The Maker Hotel for allowing us to photograph the collection in their beautiful space.

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