Le Chevalier - Behind The Scenes Of The Aventus Campaign

Le Chevalier - Behind The Scenes Of The Aventus Campaign
Daring, sensual, and audacious, Aventus Eau de Parfum is a fragrance like no other, with an elegant yet powerful edge that turns heads at every moment. Crafted to encapsulate the spirit of success and ambition, it is unsurprising that Aventus holds the proud title of The House of Creed's most notable men's fragrance.

Le Chevalier - Behind The Scenes Of The Aventus Campaign


The soul of Aventus and the root of its power is, of course, its iconic aroma. A perfectly balanced blend of fresh, rich, and bold notes, creates an air of sophisticated sensuality. Zesty opening notes of lemon, pink pepper, and blackcurrant temptingly warm into fruity heart notes of jasmine, pineapple, and patchouli, which dry down into rich and luxurious base notes of birch, ambergris, cedarwood, and musk. Evocative, daring, and tantalizing, Aventus expresses the bold individuality of the modern gentleman. It is a fragrance unafraid to make an impression, and so too must the wearer be ready - to capture hearts and minds, to make an impact, and to be remembered. The House of Creed’s most sought-after men's fragrance, Aventus is a statement – of passion, confidence, and tenacity.


The hammer of hoofbeats against the ground echoes in the pounding heart of the horseman – his passion-driven forward by the strength of pure determination. Majestic and elegant, historically le chevalier (in French, simply ‘horseman’) would have been a knight of the realm, a man who symbolized admirable, powerful masculinity – guided by his strength, vigor, and honor.

The discipline, authority, and fearlessness of the horseman fit seamlessly into the story of the Aventus wearer. Whilst today, his steed carries itself on tires instead of hooves, and his valor is tested in the boardroom, not the battlefield, the Aventus man prides himself on the same qualities as the historic knight – integrity, strength, determination. This identity, expressed deftly through the elegance of the Aventus fragrance, is the pinnacle of the contemporary man, yet with roots in such rich history, there is an implication of a more enduring, perennial nature to these traits.

African American man wearing horse riding attire against a red/brown wall.
African American on a white horse wearing horse riding attire against a red/brown wall.
Transporting this concept into the contemporary realm, The House of Creed presents a new hero – the modern horseman, a daring individual, unafraid to stand out. This soulful visionary knows himself, his ambitions, and his desires – essential qualities for le chevalier, whose unwavering confidence allows him to fully master his horse.

It is little wonder that this icon of contemporary masculinity has inspired a photography series to honor Creed’s iconic fragrance for him, Aventus. However, alongside this homage to the modern horseman, there is another aspect to this thematic choice – a nod to The House of Creed’s rich tailoring heritage. Working for the illustrious royal courts of Britain and France, Henry Creed – ancestor of Olivier Creed – is known to have worked on equestrian tailoring, in particular the creation of a riding habit for Queen Victoria in 1885, and this inspiration is present throughout the series. Discover more about the history of The House of Creed here.

Photographed by Kevin Mackintosh and shot at the magnificent Wrotham Park in London, model Jefferson Obuseri takes on the mantle of our hero, the modern horseman. Sensual, powerful, and absorbing, masculinity is magnified by a subtle theatricality, intensifying the strong lines and bold, masterful aura. Hints of Creed’s classical tailoring, such as embroidered details and structured pieces, are combined with stylistic choices reminiscent of the revolutionary 80’s Buffalo movement, where inventiveness and authenticity were paramount, where power and vulnerability were seen as two halves of a whole. In the Palladian surroundings of the 18th-century mansion, the contrast of the modern styling creates a sense of unwavering confidence, and self-assuredness through individuality. Captured through the lens of the 21st century, these aesthetic choices lead to a sensitive yet boldly spirited collection of images.

A faithful reflection of the formidable, iconic men's fragrance, the modern horseman perfectly encapsulates the Aventus wearer. Contemporary elegance and a fearless spirit, a symbol of endurance, freedom, and valor, the horseman represent this classic Creed fragrance as an everlasting celebration of success and strength.

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Discover Le Chevalier - Behind The Scenes Of The Aventus Campaign
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