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Miami X Creed

Miami X Creed
This month, The House of Creed debuts its third North American boutique at Paradise Plaza within Miami’s famed Design District. Erwin Creed, Seventh Generation Perfumer for The House of Creed shares, “Miami is an exciting new market for Creed – its international culture and dynamic atmosphere are an exciting draw for our customer.” In honor of Creed’s new home, local man-about-town Alan Biasi takes us through some of his favorite neighborhoods inspired by classic Creed scents.
Living in Miami is akin to being on a continuous vacation. Key Biscayne, one of the many islands a bridge away from Miami, is home to the iconic lighthouse Cape Florida Light which opened nearly 200 years ago. Its seaport is reminiscent of the fresh marine fragrance, EROLFA, inspired by the Creed family trips on the Mediterranean. The scent evokes the sea breeze and salty waters of a sailing adventure, all while staying on land.
No trip to Miami is complete without a visit to the iconic neighborhood of South Beach – the place where art deco meets tropical beaches. Virgin Island Water matches the vibrant energy of the beach, with notes of lime, Hibiscus and coconut immersing you in a tropical paradise. Jump on a colorful vintage bicycle and admire the vibrant buildings lining the boardwalk.
The luxurious and on-trend Miami Design District is where you’ll find Creed’s newest boutique at Paradise Plaza. Shopping amongst the most iconic and coveted brands in the world leaves a lasting feeling of success and sophistication. Spray on the legendary Aventus to turn heads in this glitzy neighborhood.
The vibrant heart of Miami’s Latin community, Little Havana’s old school Cuban atmosphere calls for a Panama hat and a masculine scent. Original Vetiver offers a modern twist on this classic ingredient by making use of the whole plant. The local climate enhances the scent’s citrus notes and transports its wearer to this colorful neighborhood.
The eclectic Wynwood district in the urban core of Miami, home to art galleries, retail stores, antique stores, bars and artisanal eateries. This hipster neighborhood pairs perfectly with the refreshing and invigorating scent of Millesime Imperial. For those who appreciate a mix of sun-kissed citrus and rich musk, this is the ideal fragrance. Get inspired by the neighborhood’s famed graffiti walls and art galleries.
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