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Mother's Day With High Camp Supply

Mother's Day With High Camp Supply
In honor of Mother’s Day, The House of Creed unveils an exquisite collaboration with HIGH CAMP Supply, offering customers a distinct and memorable gift for this special holiday. HIGH CAMP aspires to anchor everyday life with practices that celebrate love, family, friendship and life. The company specializes in fresh gardenia vines and blooms cut to order at their California farm, and delivers them directly to one’s doorstep in a signature glossy box. For a limited time, HIGH CAMP’s Vine and Bloom Box gardenias will be available for purchase along with a best-selling House of Creed scent of one’s choice. Each giftset will nestle the selected Creed fragrance in a bed of budding fresh gardenias sure to envelop the recipient’s home with their scent and beauty, while the accompanying fragrance will leave a lasting impression. We interviewed HIGH CAMP’s co-founders Susan and Margaret to learn more about their inspiring company and collaboration with The House of Creed.
How did you two get the idea to start HIGH CAMP Supply?
As neighbors and friends, we envisioned creating a brand that celebrates the everyday with ephemeral luxury. HIGH CAMP Supply was born of the concept that experiences are more valuable than "things" and a deep-seeded memory of something lovely is longer lasting than anything someone can buy. Our shared love of Gardenias inspired our signature product, and we worked for months shipping flowers to ourselves until we perfected the process of farm-to-door gardenias. Today we are the only company in the US to ship direct to consumer cut-to-order vines and blooms from our California farms. We hope that everyone who receives a delivery from High Camp Supply experiences the bliss of opening our high-gloss box and is viscerally moved by the fragrance and chic beauty of Gardenias.
What makes gardenias so special and what do you most love about them?
Gardenias are our favorite flower. They immediately alter people’s mood with their sublime aroma, and we love living with them en masse everyday as well as to celebrate the most formal occasions.  They are memorable, exceptional, and never fail to make the ordinary extraordinary.
How did you first discover the House of Creed?
Margaret:When I turned 20, my Mom gave me the signature pink Creed bottle of Spring Flower and I thought it was the chicest fragrance. I have a long standing relationship with The House of Creed and their amazing story going back generations.
Susan:My grandmother wore Creed Royal Waterand my first bottle was Original Vetiver, which I adore. It was the first time I had experienced vetiver in a scent that I truly enjoy, and has inspired my selections since.
Can you share your very first or most favorite fragrance-related scent memory?
Susan:My mother, grandmother and aunt have always promoted having fresh flowers in home every day, even if just something simple cut from the yard or pulled from a hike.  My mother would say, "Flowers are wonderful because they show that you believe today matters." I remember my aunt waking up to cook breakfast and lighting scented candles, playing music and grabbing flowers through the window. This left a strong impression, and when I had acreage of my own I began to plant every fruit tree and flower I had admired. I had every variety of gardenia I could get my hands on, so there was almost always something in bloom. I would bring a box of limes, orange and lime blossom, and as many gardenias as I could grab into the house and make tablescapes, as well as random scattered arrangements for every room, literally grabbing any glass or bowl I could find and placing around the house.  The fragrance of lime and gardenia together has been a favorite since my wedding, and gardenia mixed with a beach campfire is also one of my favorite scents.
Margaret:I grew up in southern California and remember how my grandmother always had gardenia bushes in her yard and we would anticipate a beautiful floating gardenia somewhere in the house during each visit.  She rarely had more than a few at a time so she would absolutely love the ability to receive an entire box full to spread around her home.  I still marvel how memories and fragrance combine to bring one back into the past and I cherish the time with her at her home celebrating family and sunny California days.
How will you be spending mother’s day?
Margaret:I grew up celebrating Mother’s Day with my great-grandmothers, two grandmothers and Mom with a special Sunday brunch.  The women in my life have always valued family above all else and are artistic, intelligent and strong women with style.  As a mother of three amazing girls, I feel like I am continually celebrating Mother’s Day-with year-round Gardenias of course!
Susan:Mother's Day is one of my favorite holidays as I truly adore my mother and grandmothers, and because being a mother to my daughter is absolutely my favorite thing on earth.  Each year my daughter drops a bunch of hand-picked flowers on my bed (to my embarrassment her early year selections have included whatever is blooming in surrounding neighbor yards). We typically have brunch at my mother's with all of my family which I treasure immensely.
Best advice you’ve received from your own mothers?
Susan:My mother has always "held the string of my balloon" as I have found my way through life, and inspired me to believe in the power of creativity, vision and remaining positive that all things are possible.
Margaret:  My mom taught me with her actions, more than her words, to trust my heart to create my own journey and to tune out the noise.
Any exciting upcoming projects in the works for HIGH CAMP?
We are thrilled to be partnering with House of Creed and have many other amazing partnerships planned for the year including Blackbird Wines, Oprah and C Magazine and many special coast-to-coast events. Our new subscription service, which enables our customers to receive Gardenias all year is underway and gives the choice of a seasonal, monthly or weekly Gardenia delivery that is completely customizable. Whether our customer is at home or away on vacation, they can still get their beloved gardenias anytime and anywhere throughout the year. It’s amazing how the fragrance cements memories with family and friends and creates an imprint that celebrates beauty and joy.The limited-edition Creed x HIGH CAMP Giftboxes will be exclusively available on CreedBoutique.com beginning April 30th -May 10th  (while supplies last). 
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