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Objects Of Desire

Objects Of Desire
Rare and collectible gifts from The House of Creed — for when only the best will do. There’s nothing quite so daunting as choosing a gift for someone of discriminating tastes. How do you buy for a person who already surrounds themselves with pieces of great quality? Don’t give up hope: instead, seek out items that are sure to meet their high standards. We humbly suggest you start with The House of Creed. Since 1760, the Creed family has created fine tailoring, accessories, and — most importantly — fragrances for six generations of royalty, aristocrats, and Hollywood legends. Just in time for the holidays, we’ve gathered some of our most coveted pieces for the ultimate Creed connoisseurs.
Creed Royal Oud Flacon, $1,060
True fragrance insiders are well-versed in the storied qualities of oud. Called ‘liquid gold,’ the smoky, sensuous scent is derived from the resin of rare agarwood trees, prized by the royal families of the Middle East and across the world. Creed’s Royal Oud is inspired by a fantastic Persian palace (think exotic wood, oiled leather and polished marble) but would be just as home at a Parisianvhotel particulier, imbued as it is with Creed’s distinctly European nuance. Available in a decadent 500ml flacon, this vessel is a commanding presence on a bureau, and the perfect size to supply plenty of refills for a travel atomizer.
Les Royales Exclusives Luxury Coffret, $2,725
A suite of scents that capture the very best in modern perfumery, Les Royales Exclusives are the crown jewels of Creed’s wide-ranging collection. Hand-blended and encased in gilded glass bottles from venerable French glassmaker Pochet, these five scents fall across the sensory spectrum: from the pristine springtime bouquet of White Flowers to the fragrant intensity of Spice & Wood, each offers the wearer something unique. This holiday, all five exclusives are stored in a special edition, velvet-lined wooden coffret — the perfect presentation for a family of superlative fragrances.
Creed Royal Service, $1,750
Created by Olivier Creed to honor the 250th anniversary of his family’s legacy, Royal Service distills some of the most sought-after fragrances in the house’s long history. Top notes of bergamot recall Love in White, which a certain Princess of Monaco wore to her wedding. At its heart, neroli, daffodil, and iris — favored by Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary. A rich base of musk recalls Queen Victoria’s preferred perfume, Fleur de Bulgarie. Reimagined and seamlessly blended in this limited edition fragrance, Royal Service comes in an elegant dewdrop flacon, numbered, and signed by Olivier himself.
Himalaya Leather Travel Bag, $2,135
For the man (or woman) of action, this travel case makes the ideal gift. Made of beautifully silvered, hand-stitched and embossed Italian leather, the bag comes stocked with a flask of Himalaya, Olivier Creed’s tribute to his time scaling the famous mountain. The fragrance captures the crisp, bracing elements the Tibetan peaks: citrus top notes marry with sandalwood and cedar for a study in rugged contrast. This special edition set also includes a scented Himalaya shower gel, a hair and body wash that makes fragrance layering easier than ever.
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