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Scented Spaces: How To Scent Your Home To Boost Your Wellbeing This Winter

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As one of five key senses, smell is the most intimate of all. Research has shown that burning scented candles in your home has the power to affect how you feel and enhance your mood in much the same way as a spritz of perfume. 

Scents that you are experiencing throughout the day are continuously stimulating the part of your brain which is connected to memory and mood, making the ambience you create in your home crucial to your everyday wellbeing - as well as creating a moment of luxurious sanctuary. From boosting energy through to relieving stress or even enhancing mental clarity, the healing properties coming from something like a scented candle can deliver positive psychological effects. When picking a scented candle, it can be a little overwhelming to know which to invest in, with such an array of beautiful aromas and designs on the market.


Use Scent To Mark Different Spaces, Energies or Times of Day

Not only does a fragrance enhance one’s mood, a home fragrance is an easy way to switch the creative energy in a room. By using fresh, bright home scents during the day and woody, enveloping fragrances in winter evenings, you can create a different atmosphere in the same room depending on the time of day. Incense, resins and herbs have been used since ancient times to burn, clear and scent the air. Modern counterparts, in the form of candles, diffusers and room fragrances, are no different. So use your favorite scents to create a sensory journey from room to room – from a welcoming hallway to a decadent living room, from a restful bedroom to a relaxing bathroom.


Scent Your Home with The House of Creed

Home fragrances can add that finishing touch to your interiors, helping create an ambiance in a room and contributing to your sense of wellbeing. Our Vanisia and Birmanie Oud scented candles, inspired by Olivier Creed's travels across the globe are the perfect seasonal scents to bathe your surroundings during those cosy winter evenings in, creating your very own spa sanctuary from the comfort of your home. Fill your home with the dreamy vanilla-meets-amber scent of Vanisia or opt for the rich scent of Birmanie Oud - infused with its notes of sweet styrax, fragrant tonka bean and benzoin leaves.

Our Creed scented candles are an always-adored gift, particularly perfect for loved ones who have just moved into a new home, those who pride themselves on their interior décor, or fragrance collectors who already own an awe-inspiring selection of perfumes. Every candle from The House of Creed is an ornament in its own right, adding beauty to a room as well as an enchanting scent. With our complementary collection of leather travel accessories and portable atomizer sprays, you can even create a room away from home when travelling with one of your favorite Creed fragrances.

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Expert Tips on How To Make Your Candle Last Longer

Taking a little extra care with your candle will ensure you can enjoy your scent space for that bit longer. The House of Creed candles are enriched in the highest quality scented oils that will continue to let off aromas long after you’ve extinguished the flame - there’s no need to have it burning down for hours and hours at a time. Before lighting your fragrance, be sure to trim the end of the wick slightly - this will avoid uneven or lopsided burning into the wax and will also prevent the wick breaking off and leaving unwanted dark marks across the surface of your candle. And if you’ve invested in a Creed candle that comes encased in leather, be sure to pop the lid back onto your candle after each use to prevent any dust build up. 


Create a Scented Moment in your Bathroom

Home fragrance doesn’t always have to come in the form of candles and diffusers. The House of Creed has developed a collection of indulgent bath and body care, infused with some of the most sought after scents from our men’s and women’s fragrance ranges, including Aventus and Aventus For Her. From scented shower gels and luxurious hand-milled soaps to nourishing body lotions and scent-enhancing body oils, Creed’s body collection is the perfect bathroom staple. So shut the door behind you and let the scent of Creed fill the air for the ultimate scented wellbeing moment at home.

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