Small Wonders

Small Wonders
Some gifts are big-ticket items: diamond jewelry, a trip to Paris, a sportscar… And while grand gestures will always carry romantic appeal, it’s important to remember that the little touches are just as meaningful. A scented candle or a fragrant soap has special impact — it shows the giver has considered every detail and found that something you didn’t even know you needed. We’ve curated a selection of thoughtful tokens below. Use them as stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, or little surprises this holiday season.
Scented Candles, $120
Fragrance lovers don’t stop with just a bottle of perfume. They imbue their space with olfactive depth, too. Creed’s hand-poured scented candles do just that — offering 60 hours of rich scent (take your pick from six of our top-selling fragrances). These sculptural pieces look as good as they smell, accented with an elegant brass lid to help extinguish the flame. Light a few throughout the home and enjoy the glow.
Creed for Kids, $235
Perfect for the budding fragrance connoisseur, this new scent is a fresh medley of plum, rose, lemon and grapefruit. Lest you think fragrance is only for adults, there’s a long tradition of ‘baby cologne,’ especially in Europe: barely-there, sweet-smelling blends that go on like water. Creed for Kids is entirely alcohol free, the better to pamper the skin of little ones. Give them a bottle this year, and soon enough you may find them trying to be just like mommy and daddy.
Leather Deluxe Atomizers, $215
The go-to vessel when you’re ready to go anywhere. Whether you’re packing for a long-haul flight (the 1.7oz vessel meets TSA guidelines) or for a day at the office, it never hurts to have a few spritzes at the ready. These luxe atomizers are shatter-proof, and wrapped in rich Italian leather, embossed with the Creed crest. Select from a wide spectrum of colors, choose a gold or silver finish, then fill it with your favorite fragrance. Proof that a beautiful scent doesn’t just belong on the dressing table.
Creed Soap, $45
Why not take your favorite perfume and wear it even closer to the skin? The House of Creed’s hand-milled soaps distill the essence of our best-loved fragrances in a new form: artfully molded rounds that create a rich, creamy lather and impart scents that will last long after you’ve rinsed and dried off. Beautiful on a tray in the bathroom, practical in the shower, and a thoughtful way to add an element of luxury to anyone’s morning routine.
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