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Spotlight On: Love In Black

Spotlight On: Love In Black
If one were to characterize Love In Black, it would look something like this: an impossibly fashionable woman, her eyes shielded behind dark sunglasses and dressed in a signature little black dress; she emits confidence and mystery in equal measures, leaving everyone who’s watching wanting more.
That, is Love In Black from The House of Creed. Created in 2008 by 6th generation Olivier Creed, and his son 7th generation Erwin Creed, this floriental has captivated all who’ve been privileged enough to experience it.  A daring, sensual fragrance, Love In Black magically balances the feminine beauty of florals and the spicy warmth of Oriental notes. Fans call Love In Black a uniquely powerful olfactive masterpiece and not surprisingly so: the scent opens with an intoxicating blend of Italian violet, night-blooming jasmine and Virginian cedar. That first floral hit makes way for the heart: Florentine iris, clove and warm Tonkin musk. Finally, the scent reveals violet from Greece, burgundy blackcurrant and Bulgarian rose creating an unapologetic drydown.
True to its name, the scent is housed in a unique matte black bottle that’s made from black volcanic sand and accented with a charming ribbon bow around its neck. Feminine, sensual and undeniably original, Love In Black is Creed at its very best.
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