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Spotlight On: Original Vetiver

Spotlight On: Original Vetiver
One of the most compelling reasons to wear fragrance? How brilliantly it can capture the essence of a favorite season in a bottle. With just one spritz, you’re magically transported to a warm-weather afternoon, the memory of green leaves and balmy air suddenly, and vividly, enveloping your senses. (And truly— on a dreary, cold morning, is there anything better that this virtual vacation?) As that scents hits you throughout the day, you’ll relive that feeling, over and over again. This transformative experience is what one experiences with Original Vetiver.
Created in 2004 by 6th generation Olivier and 7th generation Erwin Creed, the father and son perfumers Original Vetiver sought to accomplish something that had never been accomplished before: to use the entire vetiver plant for a fuller, richer interpretation of the fresh scent. That mission, we should add, is accomplished. With Original Vetiver, all three parts of the plant, which is native to India, from the earthy root to the verdant leaves and the rich heart of the plant is put to good use. The finished product lives within the green fragrance family within The House of Creed's collection. Think vivacious and crisp scents that are often inspired by the outdoors. More specifically, Original Vetiver is considered a “green rich” scent, with an herbaceous and crisp appeal and medium to full body tenacity. In other words, it’s serious about making you feel a certain way.
Rounding out the vetiver are notes of bergamot, bitter orange and mandarin. The middle opens to white pepper, coriander and pinkberries. Finally, the dry down settles onto Mysore sandalwood, vetiver ambergris and Tonkin musk. Fans have coined Original Vetiver an “instant classic.” We call it a must-try.
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