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Spotlight On: Silver Mountain Water

Spotlight On: Silver Mountain Water
To own a fragrance by The House of Creed is to belong to an exclusive club. It’s a club that honors the spirit of adventure and believes that memories are worth treasuring. Of the iconic scents crafted by the French fragrance house, Silver Mountain Water exemplifies these principles beautifully.
Created by Creed Sixth Generation Perfumer Olivier Creed in 1995, this fresh and green fragrance evokes sparkling streams flowing through the snow-capped Swiss Alps. It’s an environment that the perfumer, a champion skier, considers to be both relaxing and invigorating. Even the white bottle, capped with a gleaming silver cap, hints at these icy snow banks. It’s the crisp outdoors, a Creed nirvana, captured in a gleaming bottle.
Shimmering and nuanced, Silver Mountain Water has been a bestseller since its debut and its fans have praised its multifaceted composition. It opens with the brightness of bergamot, mandarin and neroli. This fresh burst then makes way to green tea and soft blackcurrant bud, eventually drying down to rich sandalwood and seductive musk. The combination results in a simultaneously calming and invigorating scent that will surely captivate for years to come.
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