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Spotlight On: Vetiver Geranium

Spotlight On: Vetiver Geranium
When 6th Generation Olivier Creed set out to celebrate his wanderlust, he did so in the most fitting manner: by creating the Acqua Originale Collection, a living fragrance journal of his travels. Everything about this collection captures the adventurous spirit of The House of Creed, from the glass Pochet bottles that evoke the broad wings of a transient bird — the universal symbol of discovery — to the destination-inspired scents. The 2014 creation of Vetiver Geranium, an ode to the tropical island of Java in Indonesia, was a natural addition to the lineup.
So how did Olivier honor this favorite destination? By creating a sophisticated and radiant scent that recalls the Indonesian vetiver that dots the island’s rolling hills, along with a few unexpected twists. Fresh, handpicked granny smith apple, bergamot and lemon kick off the creation, followed by vibrant geranium, warm cinnamon and rose. At the base of this masterpiece: hearty patchouli, cedar, musk, amber and vetiver. Like every House of Creed scent, Vetiver Geranium is created with the brand’s signature infusion technique that captures the highest concentration of natural essential oils. The result is a woody spicy concoction that fans consider to be an essential, especially during the spring and summer months.
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