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Summer #Creedstyle

Summer #Creedstyle
Summer is about fresh starts, carefree evenings and packing for your next weekend getaway. It’s also the perfect time to change out your heavier fragrance in favor of something fresh, crisp and new. Not every scent is fit for every excursion. Whether you’re having cocktails on a beach or driving through wine country, be sure your fragrance matches the occasion and your outfit. Below, menswear expert Aaron Wester of The Modern Otter, dives into four bright summer scents and discusses ways to pair them perfectly with various summer looks. From citrus to musky to floral, there’s a perfect style to match.
Whether you're in the Hamptons or on the Amalfi Coast, this look is all about setting sail and enjoying your summer on, or by, the water. An ode to Creed family memories of sailing the Mediterranean, EROLFA evokes citrus-scented breezes, invigorating seas and the salty coastal air. It’s a bright and clean scent, perfect for wherever your summer voyage may take you. Boat shoes and shorts are a sure bet for any maritime look, but be sure to pack a sweater for the brisk wind on the water. Nautical stripes pair easily with blue, white, and khaki and never go out of style. Throw in a pop of color to bring on the sunny day ahead.
Original Vetiver
Original Vetiver is for the vibrant explorer. The House of Creed infuses all three parts of the vetiver plant into this scent to give it an invigorating air of freshness, reminiscent of lingering summers and green citrus groves. There is an ease to its earthy, rich notes. It starts with mandarin and green vetiver leaves, before fading into white pepper and coriander and settling on a rich, sandalwood base. Try pairing Original Vetiver with a relaxed linen shirt and drawstring pants for an effortless, chic look. Linen is a perfect summer fabric because it breathes well when the temperature rises. One can either dress it up with loafers or go more rugged with sandals and a canvas bag to set out on your exploration. Even the boldest among us should have an ease to their swagger.
Millesime Imperial
Fit for royalty, this sophisticated scent is the gold standard in fragrance. As versatile as it is opulent, Millesime Imperial evokes the citrus groves of a lush seaside palace. Bright top notes of bergamot, green mandarin and lemon release into a fresh iris center. Perfect for men and women, this scent is versatile enough for any occasion. Try pairing it with white denim, a textured short sleeve sweater and lightweight jacket for a day-to-night summer look. The jacket is an easy addition and makes it as versatile as the fragrance. Just don’t forget the wine.
Royal Water
Sometimes you have to dress to command a room. Royal Water is a tribute to Britain’s young royals, the next generation of the House of Windsor heirs. It’s rich, citrus top notes make way to a brisk coolness that lasts all day. Dapper summer attire is all about accessories and details. Unbutton your floral shirt an extra button and throw on an unlined blazer for a casual sophistication, then dress it up with a pocket square, lapel pin and fedora for that sartorial flair. You’ll turn heads and make waves, just like the royals.
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