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Summer Fragrances For Women

Summer Fragrances For Women

As the days grow longer and the sun begins to cast its golden glow, it is time to reawaken your summer spirit with an olfactive ode to the season. Here, The House of Creed represents its scintillating selection of sun-soaked summer fragrances for women, capturing bursts of exotic fruits, blooming floral bouquets, and salty marine accords.

Whenever your summer adventures take you, The House of Creed has an idyllic seasonal blend to match the mood and occasion. Read on to find the right sun-kissed creation for you.


Love in White For Summer

Capture the luminous energy of the season with Love in White For Summer, a classic sun-inspired scent for women that echoes the allure of a passionate summer romance with spirited citrus notes warmed by radiant florals. The invigorating opening rush of zesty bergamot and luscious lemon evokes a fresh sea breeze cooling the blistering heat of summer, while a heavenly feminine bouquet of Tuscan Iris, freesia, jasmine and magnolia whisks the wearer away to sunlit days in a blooming garden. 

Discover Love in White For Summer


Acqua Fiorentina

A citrus burst sets the scene of a balmy summer's day in this radiant women's fragrance with succulent greengage plum and crisp apple transporting the wearer to a sun-kissed orchard laden with fruit. Delicate rose blooms at the heart of Acqua Fiorentina, capturing the essence of sun-warmed fruit freshly plucked from the tree, while cedarwood and musk wrap the wearer in a blissful embrace, radiating the signature warmth of summertime. 

Discover Acqua Fiorentina


Aventus For Her

Aventus for Her encapsulates the spirit of summer with its signature fruity-floral blend. Crisp green apple, luminous lemon, piquant pink pepper and enlivening bergamot blossom into a fresh yet feminine heart of Bulgarian rose, lilac and ylang-ylang intertwined with luscious blackcurrant, pineapple and peach. Evoking the essence of a leisurely stroll through a lush, sun-dappled grove, this entrancing creation is a true celebration of femininity for summer and beyond. 

Discover Aventus For Her


Millésime Impérial

An embodiment of golden sunshine, Millésime Impérial is brimming with light, brought by the bright citrusy sparkle of bergamot and blackcurrant. This effervescent debut drifts into a salty marine accord, which lends a revitalizing oceanic dimension to the scent that effortlessly transports the wearer to sun-drenched shores. Finally, cedarwood and sandalwood anchor the composition, imparting a warm embrace reminiscent of summer sun.  

Discover Millésime Impérial


Virgin Island Water

Find paradise in Virgin Island Water, the epitome of summer in a bottle with its enchanting cocktail of idyllic notes that conjure far-flung destinations. A vibrant burst of sun-ripened citrus and tropical fruits gives way to a lush heart of sweet jasmine and white flowers reminiscent of exotic blooms gently swaying in the ocean breeze. Rich creamy coconut and tropical woods round off this Eau de Parfum, infusing it with a golden warmth that captures the very spirit of a sun-drenched tropical paradise. 

Discover Virgin Island Water



For a bolder expression of summer that stirs the senses, consider CarminaThis captivating creation for women bottles the jubilance of summertime adventures brought by the spirited sweetness of plump black cherries, fragrant pink pepper and rare Rose de Mai, while the golden embrace of saffron is reminiscent of carefree days basking in the warmth of the sun. 

Discover Carmina 


Queen of Silk

Queen of Silk offers a final unexpected twist on a summertime scent with its delicate touch that mirrors the caress of coveted silk. This lavish creation bottles the spirit of fantasized faraway lands with a soft peach and apricot opening tone brought by Chinese osmanthus interwoven with ethereal Javanese patchouli and the finest Indian tuberose. Capturing the lightness and warmth of a summer’s evening, this Eau de Parfum epitomizes summertime elegance.

Discover Queen of Silk


Whatever plans lie ahead for you this summer, these irresistible Eau de Parfums for women from The House of Creed will effortlessly complement your style and capture the warmth and luminosity of the season. If you have yet to choose the right sun-inspired creation for you, visit your nearest Creed boutique for expert advice tailored to you. 

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