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The Acqua Originale Collection: An Escape In A Bottle

The Acqua Originale Collection: An Escape In A Bottle

Fragrance can make you feel a lot of things: joy, confidence, nostalgia. In addition to the emotional impacts of perfume, the right blend can also be an adventure, transporting its wearer to a faraway place before even setting foot outside the door. The latter is the thought process behind Olivier Creed’s Acqua Originale Collection. Each scent, which comes in a handmade glass flacon (designed with the 400-year-old French bottle maker Pochet de Courval), serves as an olfactory journal entry for Olivier’s most beloved travels around the world, from Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains to the volcano-dotted islands of Indonesia. Feeling a sense of wanderlust? Pick your potion, below.   

The Destination: Far East—to the exceptionally green landscape of Malaysia
The Acqua Originale: Asian Green Tea
The Experience: As a tribute to Eastern culture, this rich scent revolves around one of its most iconic rituals: tea. What does it smell like? Fresh, verdant green tea leaves surrounded by bright, citrus top notes of mandarin, lemon, and bergamot, sweet, watery florals, and a woodsy, warm base of sandalwood, amber, and musk.  

The Destination: Her Majesty Queen Victoria’s castle in the Highlands of Scotland

The Acqua Originale: Aberdeen Lavander

The Experience: Olivier’s interpretation of the royal family’s Aberdeenshire home strikes a regal balance between bold and elegant, and calls to mind misty mornings in the garden, towers, and turrets. Mist it onto wrists for a unique marriage of rosemary and anise-spiked absinthe, a heart of lavender, powdery iris, tuberose, and rose, and a dignified base of smoky leather, patchouli, and vetiver that lasts all day.  

The Destination: The Volcano-Strewn Indonesian Island of Java

The Acqua Originale: Vetiver Geranium

The Experience: This youthful juice offers a trip to the rainforest, and contains a mixture of ingredients meant to replicate the vetiver that covers its emerald-toned mountains. Geranium stands out, and it’s combined with vibrant citrus and crisp green apple along with a grounding musk, patchouli, and woods base.  

The Destination: The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

The Acqua Originale: Cedre Blanc

The Experience: This woody scent takes you on a stroll through the pristine and diverse natural beauty of a dense American forest. It’s herbaceous, spicy, and just a little floral thanks to galbanum, laurel, cardamom, and geranium. The Virginian cedar, sandalwood, and vetiver blend that lingers on skin, though, ensures it lives up to its name.

The Destination: Tuscany and India  
The Acqua Originale: Iris Tuberose
The Experience: In Iris Tuberose, Olivier toasts two of his favorite spots in the world—India and Tuscany—and the result is an ultra-feminine, romantic bouquet that captures the best of east and west. Sensual, creamy Indian tuberose, collected at midnight, is the star, and it’s joined by fresh and dewy ylang ylang and lily of the valley for an addicting aura. The beauty doesn’t stop there: It’s also velvety and sweet, courtesy of tender green violet, delicate Sicilian orange blossom, Mexican vanilla, and musk.  


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