The Acqua Originale Collection - Refreshed.

The Acqua Originale Collection - Refreshed.
The House of Creed is excited to introduce the newly relaunched Acqua Originale Collection, inspired by Olivier Creed’s living fragrance journal of traveling around the world in search of the best perfumery ingredients. Featuring three incredible new fragrances -- Zeste Mandarine, Citrus Bigarade, and Green Neroli -- as well as the newly repackaged Vetiver Geranium and Iris Tubereuse, these fresh scents promise to take you on an olfactory journey.
Each new Aqua Originale fragrance harnesses the brand’s signature infusion technique capturing not only the highest concentration of natural essential oils, but also the spirit of adventure that has become a staple in Olivier Creed’s creations.
Citrus Bigarade
Inspired by the warm Mediterranean sun, Citrus Bigarade is a luminous cocktail that is light, fizzy and crisp. Zesty lemons and juicy mandarins are layered with white pepper extracts, while a hint of cool peppermint lingers ithrough the base notes. Vetiver and ginger fuse together to create a refreshing blend that lingers on skin.
Green Neroli
Green Neroli draws inspiration from the abundant aromatic blossoms which thrive in the Mediterranean summer. Often described as the perfect balance of sharp and sweet, Green Neroli is a transportive fragrance which is acutely fresh. An intense peppermint note layered with crisp tarragon and honeyed orange creates a sweet yet effervescent scent. Zesty lemon is juxtaposed with icy mint for a cooling sensation that echoes its fresh aroma throughout the day.
Iris Tuberose
Iris Tuberose is a shimmering white floral that combines the romance of Tuscany and the sultry allure of Indiabringing together two of Olivier’s favorite places in one luxurious juice. Delicate iris – one of the most expensive raw materials gathered from the root – fresh galbanum, tender green violet leaf and orange open the scent. Indian tuberosethe finest in the world collected by moonlight, follows with ylang ylang and lily of the valley to create an unforgettable bouquet. Sicilian orange blossom, musk and Mexican vanilla orchid create the sensual dry down. 
Vetiver Geranium
The Island of Java, Olivier’s favorite destination east of Bali and just south of the equator, served as inspiration for this aromatic adventure. The accord brings to life Indonesian vetiver that adorns the mountainous rolling hills of its native landscape and pairs the sensual, soothing essence of geranium to create a contemporary juice. Handpicked crisp granny smith apple, bergamot and lemon make a luminous debut, while warm cinnamon and rose lead to hearty patchouli, cedar and relaxing amber.
Zeste Mandarine
Inspired by the island of Sicily and its abundance of citrus fruits, Zeste Mandarine is fragrant with vibrant citrus accords throughout. This lively fragrance is infused with extracts of petitgrain and delicate swirls of patchouli flowers to create a crisp and uplifting aroma. Hints of Tunisian orange blossom complete this blissfully zesty scent, reminiscent of a romantic summer in Sicily.
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