The House Of Creed Holiday Gift Guide

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This holiday spirit has well and truly arrived at The House of Creed. It's this time of year that excitement for the onset of the festive season begins-with thoughts of warm and cozy nights, the company of loved ones, and of course - a bounty of thoughtful gifts under the tree. With that sense of anticipation comes a helpful motivation - because this is also the perfect time to start planning and purchasing those precious gifts. 

Our Creed Holiday Gift Guide makes things easy, explaining exactly how to choose a gift from The House of Creed's distinguished collection of luxury fragrances - as well as sharing home, fragrances, exquisite atomizers and bookable experiences that will utterly delight. Read on and discover truly unforgettable items for everyone on your 2022 holiday gift list.

New: Discovery Sets

The House of Creed is delighted to present four new fragrance discovery sets in line with our new blue leather explorer collection. Created for an exceptional olfactory experience, these discovery sets feature the fragrance house's best-selling scents including Aventus, Silver Mountain Water and Aventus For Her and make for the perfect gift this holiday. Designed in the Creed Signature pattern, a French blue-print is inspired by the 260 year old history of the brand which creates a timeless gift for now and forever. 


Discovery Set

Gifts For Her

Whether she's your partner, mother, sister or friend, Creed offers an enchantingly beautiful selection of holiday gifts for women.

The Perfume Connoisseur

A sophisticated, empowering celebration of strength, elegance and femininity, Aventus For Her is an impeccable choice if you're shopping for a woman who knows her fragrances. Opulent and sensual, this fruity floral scent opens with accords of crisp succulent green apple blended with fragrant pink pepper and sparkling Calabrian bergamot. It blossoms into a magnificent floral heart of dewy rose and exotic sandalwood, with an irresistible base of amber, ylang ylang and peach.

Inspired by moment, Wind Flowers is the latest women's perfume from the House of Creed and makes a glorious gift this holiday. Floral and fresh, this beautiful scent opens with sweet jasmine, wrapped around the zesty scent of Tunisian orange blossom, softened by a fresh and a fruity peach note and a powerful heart of delicate jasmine flower, tuberose petals and a soft rose extract.  

If you're looking to gift a discerning woman with a taste for the very finest things in life, then White Flowers is sure to leave her speechless with delight on Holiday morning. Part of the exquisite Les Royales Exclusive collection, this timeless and youthful fragrance is a divine romantic masterpiece - fresh and luminous yet seductively charming, it evokes the serenity of both the morning dew and the moonlit evening. Opening with bright notes of violet, apple and lemon, this sublime scent blooms into a heart of jasmine, rose and geranium before settling into an enchanting base of narcissus, musk and sandalwood.

Aventus For Her, Wind Flowers, and Love in White Bottles

Gifts For Him

The home of artisanal fragrances for men - whether he's your father, son, brother, partner or friend, make his holiday with gift from The House of Creed.

The Aventus Man

The Aventus has acquired a devoted following over the years, and if you're gifting a man who already knows the power of this bold, spirited scent, then there's only one item you need to know about - Aventus and the spirited Aventus Cologne. Together, these fragrances celebrate the essence of modern masculinity - bold, powerful Aventus with rich, fruity notes has a sensual audacious and sophisticated impact, while uplifting, invigorating Aventus Cologne features fresh, woody notes to create a rebellious and vibrant allure. 

The Discerning Gentleman

A refreshing, timeless scent, Green Irish Tweed encapsulates the refined essence of a nineteenth century country estate, with an effortless masculinity that elicits a sense of nostalgia. Fitting the wearer like a perfectly tailored tweed jacket, this is the ideal gift for a true gentleman - inspired by the untamed beauty of the Emerald Isle, this sophisticated scent is verdant, fresh, yet elegantly polished. Create a lavish gift for your loved one, with a matching scented soap and body oil alongside his bottle of Green Irish Tweed perfume, for the ultimate olfactory indulgence.

Silver Mountain Water, Aventus and Imperial Millesime Bottles

The Modern Explorer 

How do you choose a gift for a daring, fearless and fiery man, one with a pioneering spirit and love of adventure? It can be difficult, after all, he’s tried everything, been everywhere, and has an uncanny ability to find new ways to enjoy the world. Discover the Viking family inspiringly dynamic - bold, masterful Viking with its spicy, exciting notes is ideal for evening or statement wear, and free-spirited Viking Cologne, with an invigorating freshness, works wonderfully for daily wear.

Gifts For Them

Whomever you're gifting this year, and however well they know The House of Creed, these holiday gifts are a unique and considered way to indulge them. 

The Indecisive

Looking to give the gift of fragrance but simply cannot decide which one to choose? Let them make the decision themselves with an e-Gift Card. Available in any value, you can further enhance this gifting experience by also purchasing a fragrance sample set for them to explore. Housed in a stunning signature white box, these sample sets retain every ounce of the prestige expected from a Creed gift. This is the perfect way to get them started on the journey to their next signature scent, whilst leaving the choice entirely up to them. 

The Universal Scents

A great many Creed fragrances are worn by all genders – numerous women have found their partner’s Aventus to be so irresistible it becomes their signature scent too, and some men even have discovered the reverse – becoming unexpected devotees of Aventus For Her. However, there are several Creed perfumes that have been specifically blended for universal wear, and are sure to bring delight. Millésime Impérial is one such fragrance, with a stylish refinement and fresh elegance that makes it a sparkling addition to anyone’s fragrance wardrobe. Opening with bright, fresh notes of bergamot, blackcurrant and violet leaves, followed by a rich heart of orris and marine accord, it dries down into an enchantingly sophisticated base of sandalwood, cedarwood and musk. Encased in a spectacular golden bottle, this is an extraordinary fragrance gift for men and women.

A Scented Fragrance For The Home

A Creed scented candle is an unexpected yet always-adored gift, particularly perfect for loved ones who have just moved into a new home, those who pride themselves on their interior decor, or fragrance collectors who already own an awe-inspiring selection of perfumes. Our Vanisia and Birmanie Oud scented candles, inspired by Olivier Creed's travels across the globe are the perfect seasonal scents to bathe your surroundings during those cosy winter evenings in. Every candle from The House of Creed is an ornament in its own right, adding beauty to a room as well as an enchanting scent.

Luxurious Stocking Fillers

There are many delightful additions to choose from if you’re looking for a little something extra to accompany your loved one’s holiday gift. Extend the enjoyment of their favorite fragrance with body lotion scented to match it – choose from hand-milled soap, shower gel, body lotion, oil or aftershave balm for the ultimate stocking filler. An exquisite refillable atomiser is another excellent option – this signature cylindrical design is available in 10ml and 50ml sizes with a wide variety of color options, including white, black, gold, silver and camel. Every atomizer comes with a matching funnel for easy fragrance decanting, and with such a spectrum of colors to choose from, whatever their personal style, these travel-friendly bottles are guaranteed to go down a treat.

The Leather Explorer Collection

Back for 2022, The House of Creed is delighted to present a unique Leather Explorer Collection developed in collaboration with Olivier Creed, inspired by years of heritage and craftsmanship. A continuation of the 2021 leather collection, the House of Creed has created seven exclusive leather products, using the finest Italian leather and this year, has been created in the traditional French navy hue, which is accompanied by a beautiful beige suede interior. A true homage to the history of the brand which celebrates the past with a modern yet traditional design.

Inspired by his father’s oceanic travels to places like Japan in the early 1900s, Olivier Creed, looked to the design of the trunks that boarded the Empress of Canada from Vancouver to Kobe for the creation of this 2022 festive season. After seeing photographs of his father next to the stacked trunks and delicate vanity cases, Olivier knew this would be the perfect way to store some of Creed’s most treasured fragrances and create an exquisite Creed objet d’art.

Perfume Sleeves 

For the festive season, offer the ultimate luxury gift with this hand-crafted Italian leather sleeve. Beautifully adorned with a French blue pattern featuring the Creed repeat branding, the bright blue and pop of yellow, to add a touch of modernity, mixed with the classic heritage feeling of the brand. A reference to the history of House of Creed, this sleeve is perfected with a magnetic clasp that allows you to carry your fragrance on your next voyage. Available in three formats to fit 50ml, 75ml and 100ml fragrances from the Heritage Collection, this makes a beautiful festive gift. Cherish this hand-crafted perfume sleeve to carry your most precious possessions everywhere with you or keep it as a beautiful objet d'art.

Available just in time for Holiday, we are now offering engraving on our bundled items. The perfect gift for your loved ones, you can now gift them an engraved fragrance encased in our leather sleeves to create a special keepsake.

Leather-Encased Scented Candles 

No matter how much one travels, crossing over the threshold upon returning home will always elicit a sense of relief, comfort and relaxation. The memories of adventure remain vivid and treasured, but nothing compares to sinking back against those familiar cushions. Inspired by Olivier Creed’s expeditions across the globe in search of the finest fragrance ingredients, Creed’s Birmanie Oud and Vanisia Candles are olfactory celebrations of exploration, specifically intended to be enjoyed from the comfort of the home. Encased in Italian leather holders of rich blue to add a finishing touch of opulent style, these candles become beautiful ornaments, enhancing their surroundings through aesthetics as well as scent.

Warm and rich, the Birmanie Oud candle scent is blend of tonka bean and sweet styrax that infuses the room with a relaxed yet mysterious aroma – deep, woody and perfect for creating a convivial atmosphere for cosy festive gatherings. Pillowy and dreamlike, the Vanisia candle scent blends clouds of exotic, buttery vanilla with warming, fragrant amber for a soft, comforting fragrance – ideal for an evening spent cozying up with loved ones.

A stunning gift for the house proud, homebodies or anyone who loves to curl up and relax in comfort, these candles also make a particularly thoughtful present for anyone who has recently moved home.

Leather Trunks 

Crafted with a French blue repeat pattern exterior completed by a beautiful beige suede interior, these trunks are a celebration of the past with a modern yet traditional design. Designed to fit two 100ml fragrances and two 250ml splash bottle fragrances (including a Creed leather atomiser) respectively, these trunks are macerated with the world's finest essences. Polished brass hardware on the lock and feet complements this incredible objet d'art adorned with an exclusive Oliver Creed blue monogrammed leather. The interior bottle fixture is removable, transforming this precious gift into a beautiful accessory to hold your most coveted possessions. Please contact the Creed Boutique to shop these opulent trunks.

Blue Leather Trunk

The Finishing Touch

Purchasing a lavish fragrance gift for a loved one at the holidays should always be an extra special affair. The little details can make all the difference, which is why at The House of Creed, we offer several ways to further elevate your gifts.

Personalized Engraving 

Our engraving service is the ultimate way to add a personal touch to your fragrance gift – thoughtful words by you, beautifully etched by us, to create the perfect keepsake bottle for your loved one this Christmas. Available on a selection of men’s 50ml and 100ml bottles and women’s 75ml bottles, your message will be engraved on the back in a choice of one of three different fonts.

Complimentary Services 

For a perfectly personal finishing touch, you can also add a custom message to your gift. Printed on a beautiful gold trimmed card, simply select the option at the checkout, type in your message, and your parcel will be delivered with your message card in place of the receipt, instantly ready for gifting.

Last Minute Gifts 

If timings are tight, never fear, as we offer instant-delivery services for you to indulge your loved ones, no matter how late it may be getting. A Creed E-Gift Card can be used almost as soon as it is purchased, and is available in any value.

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