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The Rules Of The Game

The Rules Of The Game
A list of power plays for Valentine’s Day -- because all is fair in love and war.
Every relationship, whether it’s just budding or in full flower, at its heart goes back to power dynamics. The House of Creed has an extensive catalog of commanding fragrances, but nothing projects power quite like the bold Aventus and its feminine counterpart, Aventus for Her. Both open with concentrated fruit and citrus notes, then diverge on the dry down: revealing facets of smoke and musk, and floral trail of rose and lilac for her. They’re designed for the man and woman who know exactly what they want. In that spirit, we present a few words of advice, for sexes, in anticipation of what may be the most romantic day of the year. Here’s how to make the most of the occasion, inspired by Aventus, and by the rules of chess — which, next to love itself, is the oldest war game we know.
The King’s Gambit
Make the first move to your advantage.
The first player to move sets the tenor of the game — and you benefit in the same way when you plan the evening with plenty of time to spare. First, make sure your date is free well in advance (no one wants a surprise date on Valentine’s Day), then use the time to prepare a truly memorable evening.
Know the value of positional play.
A game of strategy asks that you take the long view, meaning you may have to make some sacrifices early on. Not the type to break out a suit? Less-than-enthused about a night at the ballet? Your job is to make your better half happy, and you know what they say: you can lose a few battles and still win the war.
Settle on a strong endgame.
As the night draws to a close, make sure that you finish strong with a romantic gesture. Have a gift delivered with dessert, book a hotel room for the evening, arrange a private drive/boat ride/flight somewhere special — anything to end on a high note.
The Queen’s Gambit
Never underestimate the power of attraction.
In chess, an attraction draws out the opponent, only to take one of his players. In life, there’s no need to be quite so combative, but if the object of your affection is on the shy side, there’s nothing wrong with a little encouragement in the form of a dropped hint or two.
Keep control of the center.
A consummate player is firmly in control of the field. On an evening out, you can do the same, owning every room you walk into. Make it a point to win over everyone who comes into your circle — with a smile, a compliment, or a hint of perfume.
When the time comes, bring out the lady.
“Bringing out the lady” refers to putting the queen in play, and when such a strong piece enters the fray, things are bound to develop quickly. Remember, you’re the one calling the shots in this particular game. If you’re impressed with the competition, let them know. If not, there’s no point in prolonging a stalemate.
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