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The Scent Of The Holidays

The Scent Of The Holidays
A gift guide inspired by scent memories from holidays past. The arresting scents of piney, winter foliage coupled with the inviting aroma of a freshly-prepped holiday dinner transport us back to holiday memories. At The House of Creed, we believe there is an undeniable link between scent and memory. To pay homage to a few of our time-honored holiday traditions, we've curated three vignettes featuring a few beloved scents that bring these occasions back to life, no matter the season. Discover them in this scent-inspired gift guide.
Cozy up by the fire, or instead, recreate the heat this holiday season with these fiery fragrances. 
Original Santal 
Warm and robust, Original Santal is intriguing for its royal grandeur. Having drawn inspiration from Asia, this dynamic fragrance's base notes comprise of Mysore sandalwood, fiery cinnamon, warm vanilla, and tonka bean. Woody by nature, Original Santal transcends the holidays to suit any and all occasions.
As Viking is the first major men's scent to debut since 2010, it's only natural this fragrance is for the fiery and determined modern man. As Oliver Creed puts it, "Viking is extraordinary," so why not give the gift of adventure this season? Masculine, long-lasting, and positively bold, Viking's woody/citrus notes enable the wearer to sport this scent all year long. Gift the man in your life with a fiery scent that is just as daring as he is.


Inspired by the great, wintry outdoors, these scents are universal, androgynous, and for those in search of adventure. Just like the layers in winter, layer your fragrance with these Creed fragrances and ancillaries.

Royal Mayfair

A breath of fresh air, Royal Mayfair's return after 80 years, and since its original commission, makes this fragrance a bespoken gem. With a nod to one of London's most posh neighborhoods, Mayfair, (for which the scent is named after), Royal Mayfair's origins derive from sophistication, style, and elegance - all of which take center stage when applied by the wearer. Coupling these attributes with the fragrance's appropriately British notes like British Gin and Duke of Windsor Roses, Royal Mayfair makes for a coveted gift.

Silver Mountain Water Perfumed Oil

This natural-oil blend serves as an alcohol-free alternative for contemporary clients looking to indulge in the luxury of House of Creed fragrance in other ways. The Silver Mountain Water Perfumed Oil features a light, calming, and assuredly fresh scent that whisks the wearer to the great outdoors. Picture breathtaking, mountainous views or rising with the dawn. Brought to life by notes including bergamot, green tea, and blackcurrants, the subtlety of this scent makes it a staple that is sure to transcend the holiday season.

Silver Mountain Water Hair + Body Wash

Mirroring Creed's Silver Mountain Water fragrance, the Hair and Body Wash provides a similar scent and comfort. Minimal and lightly fragranced, this wash is easy on the eyes (with its shatterproof bottle, complete with Creed's royal three-plume crest) and even easier on the skin. Its compact size also allows for travel, enabling the wearer to take it to the gym, on a trip or wherever their next adventure may take them.

Himalaya Soap

Our soaps give scents and beauty routines new life. Matching our celebrated Himalaya fragrance, this circular bar cleanses and rejuvenates the skin - aesthetically complete with an embossing of Creed's signature three-plume crest and unforgettable Paris address. With its seductive undertones, the Himalaya Soap's alluring scent is bound to freshen up your recipient’s day – an ideal stocking stuffer or hostess gift.

Himalaya Shower Gel

Transport the senses to a beautiful destination with Creed's Himalaya Shower Gel - a cleansing alternative to its sister fragrance of the same name. With a similar shatterproof bottle to our other shower gels and body washes, Himalaya's distinct, woody nature leaves the wearer with an invigorating after-effect. Throw it in your travel bag or leave it at home - its compact size allows you to take it anywhere and everywhere.


Infuse a hint of luxury in your gift-giving this season, as these Creed fragrances and ancillaries are for those who love the finer things in life.

Royal Princess of Oud

Nothing caters to the fashionable and modern sensibility quite like Royal Princess of Oud. Along with its signature (and rare) note of Oud, the luxurious fragrances includes top notes of Sicilian bergamot, rose, and sweet violet. Just as striking, the perfume bottle itself serves as the perfect vessel for this truly lavish fragrance. Dazzle the woman in your life with a rich scent that is just as captivating as she is.

Sublime Vanille

Sublime Vanille is sure to brighten even the dreariest winter days. With its enticing blend of vanilla and Tonka bean, this universal fragrance embodies what it means to get together for the holidays, as it often draws others closer with its sweet yet positively refined scent. Excite the man - or woman - in your life with this deliciously inviting fragrance.

Spice and Wood

Paying homage to the romance of Marc Antony and Cleopatra, Spice + Wood captures the intensity of travel and love like no other. Calling upon elements from the Western and Eastern worlds, the distinct and captivating base notes (including iris, cedarwood, oakmoss, and Tonkin Musk) make this fragrance unlike any other. A true fragrant travel staple, also enjoy this crown jewel while en route, by purchasing a Creed Italian Leather Atomizer.

Deluxe + Pocket Atomizer

No matter where the holidays take you this season, House of Creed's Deluxe and Pocket Atomizers are your ultimate travel staples. The Deluxe Atomizers are encased in luxe Italian leather and marked with Creed's signature crest. They are well-suited for travel with their durable, shatterproof casing and refillable spray. Easily packable in any bag or cosmetics case, Creed's Pocket Leather Atomizer is compact and the perfect solution for gallivanting around the globe with your fragrance in hand.

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