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Viking Diaries: Eric Christian

Viking Diaries: Eric Christian

Creed Viking bottles boundless exploration for the modern man. In celebration of this new scent, we hear from another Creed connoisseur who exemplifies what Viking represents. Read on to take in the latest in our Viking Diaries series.

Eric Christian von Fricken is a composer and creative director based in New York City. An avid traveler and photographer, Eric often shares photographs of exotic destinations on his Instagram feed. When he's not traveling around the world, Eric composes music for television commercials and photographs content for luxury brands.

Tell us about how you got started with your site and Instagram feed. What were you doing prior diving into the social media world?

I was in school studying film composition at Berklee College of Music in Boston. I used photography and Instagram as a creative outlet to keep me inspired while spending long days and nights in the studio or practice room.

Your work/photography has a very distinct look. Where do you get inspired?

I found most of my early inspiration from other photographers on Instagram. My photography is constantly changing as I continue to travel and meet new people. My goal is to make every photo I take feel like a scene from a movie.

How did you first discover The House of Creed?

When I was in college in Boston I worked at Saks Fifth Avenue part time. My good friend who previously had worked at Neiman Marcus introduced me to the brand. He exclusively wore Creed fragrances and I quickly understood why.

Do you have a signature scent or a wardrobe of fragrances?

I have an entire fragrance wardrobe. I have around 20 scents right now, including all of my signature scents from the last few years. Day to day I’ll wear whatever I’m in the mood for. But when I’m going out with friends or to an event, I like to maintain a signature scent.

What does “Viking” mean to you?

Viking means someone who is daring, confident, and exploratory. Someone not afraid to push the boundaries.

How do you channel the Viking spirit in your everyday life?

I try to live in the moment and constantly move forward. To grow myself and my career. I am constantly adapting to my surroundings, I love to learn from whatever experiences or people that cross my path. I think awareness is key to a thriving Viking spirit.

What impressed you the most about Iceland? What did you most enjoy about the Creed Viking launch?

Riding a snowmobile up the Eyjafjallajökull glacier was certainly one for the books. Iceland feels like you’re on another planet. It’s the most otherworldly place that I’ve ever been.  My favorite part of the trip was the toast on top of the glacier after the ride. Certainly a perfect way to celebrate a new fragrance in true Viking fashion.

What’s next for you? Any fun projects in the works?

Currently working on a few fun projects. I’ll be traveling to Barcelona in a couple weeks to do some content and travel reviews for Airbnb on their new experience packages. It’ll be my first time in Barcelona so I’m super excited for that. I’m also doing some photography for Steinway & Sons pianos which has always been a dream partner to work with. In a few weeks I’ll also be launching my own personal line of t-shirts, which is the first clothing item I’ve ever designed.

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