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Viking Diaries: Jordan O’Brien

Viking Diaries: Jordan O’Brien

Creed Viking bottles boundless exploration for the modern man. In celebration of this new scent, we hear from another Creed connoisseur who exemplifies what Viking represents. Read on to take in the latest in our Viking Diaries series. 

Jordan O’Brien is a YouTube style vlogger known for his channel,  TheGentlemansCove.  A California native, he has a distinct fashion-sense that combines classic tailored pieces with eclectic personality.  Read on to learn more about how he got started and his approach to style and grooming. 

Tell us about how you got started with your YouTube Channel, The Gentleman’s Cove. You have a very loyal audience!

I got started with The Gentlemans Cove when I wanted to find a creative outlet to showcase my style/grooming habits to people around the world and at the time, there wasn't much of a male presence on YouTube. I figured there had to be other people out there, like me, who were young and interested in fashion and looking after themselves but were hesitant to express that interest to other people. So I created the channel in order to give guys confidence and inspire them to dress how they want to dress, and just be themselves.

What’s your approach to style and grooming?

My approach to style and grooming looks more extensive than it really is. Style is all about the individual, and for me I love a tailored and timeless look but with my own modern twists to make it unique to me. For grooming, it's fairly simple. I make sure my beard is kept up and fresh, my face is moisturized and ready for the day and just throw some styling product in my hair and I’m out the door!

Do you have a signature scent or a wardrobe of fragrances?

For me, I have a wardrobe of fragrances that I cycle through depending on my mood but they all have a similar trait which I enjoy, they all feel and smell very elegant. Something you’d imagine a James Bond wearing.

What does “Viking” mean to you?Viking to me means being bold and fearless, in all aspects of life. Whether that’s the way you dress, how you act or the fragrance you wear, taking risks and doing things outside the box gives you the individuality that makes us all unique. 

How do you channel the Viking spirit in your everyday life?
Growing up in a small rural town, not many people dress the way I do. I am comfortable in what I wear and not dwelling on what other people say, I think that embodies the Viking spirit. Be bold and fearless and happy with whatever you’re taking on in life.
What impressed you the most about Iceland? What did you most enjoy about the Creed Viking launch?
The beauty of Iceland is something I have never experienced before. Everything from the environment, to the architecture and the people were amazing. Experiencing that with an amazing people was a highlight.
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