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Creed’s Crown Jewels

Creed’s Crown Jewels
Haven’t heard of the Royales Exclusives collection? Read on for a closer look at The House of Creed’s superlative scents.   Artisans of every stripe offer a subset of their creations that stand apart from the rest: the rarest vintages, the finest automobiles, the most priceless artworks deserve to be put on the pedestal, as they’re the fullest realization of true craft. The House of Creed is no different in this respect. Every fragrance offered promises an elevating experience, but the Royales Exclusives collection highlight Olivier Creed’s very finest work. Conceived in 2010 to honor the 250th anniversary of the Creed tradition, the five scents in this collection feature some of the rarest ingredients in the world, carefully infused, blended by hand, and housed in gold-etched bottles by French glassmakers Pochet. The five Royales scents describe the wide breadth and variety of the Creed aesthetic, from soft, feminine florals to a classically masculine eau de cologne. Here, a primer on these most prized possessions.
Spice & Wood
Inspired by the epic romance of Marc Antony and Cleopatra, this subtle but long-lasting fragrance marries the most precious elements of Europe and the Orient. From the West, Bergamot, Italian apple and Angelica root bring citrus and peppery green elements. From the Near East, patchouli, cedar and clove deepen the bouquet with woody intensity.
Pure White Cologne
An homage to the classic eau de cologne (always lightly concentrated with a focus on citrus), Pure White expands and complicates the traditional formula with delicate base notes of ambergris, white musk, and earthy galbanum. Still, the fresher, sweeter elements dominate: lemon, grapefruit, neroli and pear work in concert for a clean, timeless aroma that evokes freshly laundered linen.
White Flowers
Whether you imagine paradise in Eden or a secret city courtyard, this perfume transports the wearer to the ideal enchanted garden, redolent of light and nuanced floral notes. Lovers of jasmine will take to this immediately, and while it’s the dominant note, there’s a full bouquet present: narcissus, geranium, rose, and violet leaves create the impression of springtime with a single spritz.
Sublime Vanille
Sublime Vanille is certainly a ‘gourmand’ fragrance, but notes of citrus and powdery musk prevent the combination of Tahitian vanilla, Bourbon vanilla, and tonka bean from ever growing too cloying. Subtly sweet, creamy, and refined, it hangs lightly on the skin and invites others to move in closer.
Jardin D’Amalfi
Some scents evokes a feeling, a time, or a place. This one channels all three: a lemon grove, on the Amalfi Coast. A multi-faceted fragrance, Jardin contains top notes of tangerine and neroli, a heart of Virginia cedar and Bulgarian rose, rooted by Haitian vetiver and cinnamon.
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