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Creed X Beverly Hills

Creed X Beverly Hills
It's nearly impossible not to fall in love with the allure of coastal living; this season we're heading west to the city that has it all in celebration of our newly opened boutique in Beverly Hills, California. Situated at the intersection of Brighton Way and North Camden Drive in the 90210 — an iconic shopping destination — Creed Beverly Hills welcomes clients into a world of luxury. Step inside and survey our collection of best-selling fragrances in a lustrous, visually stunning environment, and when you're finished shopping be sure to explore some of our favorite adjoining neighborhoods. Discover more in our Los Angeles city guide below paired with a few of our beloved scents.
Aside from being known for lavish living, Beverly Hills attracts some of the world's most respected visionaries and tastemakers. Walk along Rodeo Drive and gaze up at the palm tree-lined streets and you'll see firsthand why we chose this renowned neighborhood for our newest boutique. Add a spritz of Aventus for Her for a boost of fruity fresh confidence as you explore our new home.
Hollywood is a highlight when visiting California. It's a destination that beckons rising stars and a vibrant cast of characters from all throughout who come to experience the sights and sounds of this inspiring locale. When it comes to scents, we recommend adding a dash of Creed’s flirtatious Spring Flower to fully embody the glamour and mystique of a Hollywood starlet. 
For the metropolitan traveler, the hustle and bustle of LA's downtown is always buzzing. This quintessential metropolis is home to a variety of cultural landmarks and neighboring historic districts. Don’t leave without taking in the breathtaking modernity of The Broad, the exterior architecture is a must see but the exhibits are world-renowned. Peruse the city streets with confidence wearing a scent that truly stands out in the crowd, none other than the Creed classic, Green Irish Tweed.
Marina del Rey is a quiet oasis that feels far from the big city for those in search of respite. The neighborhood's seaside views coupled with the scenic lookout points and quaint marinas provide a perfect backdrop for a coastal excursion. Set sail in style by incorporating a hint of Silver Mountain Water — a pure, marine-inspired scent – for an adventure out at sea.
No west coast itinerary is complete without visiting the iconic Venice Beach. This celebrated hotspot is universally known for its eclectic boardwalk entertainment and of course, for its sweeping beach with stunning views of the ocean. With the faint scent of sea salt in the air, Creed’s Royal Water will carry with you from a day at the beach to stroll along Abbott Kinney – fitting the fine balance of laid back luxury.
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