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Fragrance 101: Citrus

Fragrance 101: Citrus
Bright, clean, transparent, sparkly: all hit the mark when describing a citrus scent. Citruses are one of the most popular perfume categories, and for good reason. They’re immediately satisfying — you get a strong whiff at first spritz, but as you wear them they stay light and fresh in a familiar, sunny way that is totally unique to the fruit. As a category, citruses are just as versatile as they are similar — while grapefruit and lemon share the same zesty brightness, there’s no mistaking one for the other. Some other notable citruses include sugary neroli, bittersweet bergamot, and ultra-fresh lime. While these fruits are ubiquitous, citrus ingredients are also precious, often in the form of essential oils hand-pressed from the rich skin of the fruit. Some fragrances make you feel bold; others make you feel cozy. But if there’s one word that sums up the experience of wearing a citrus scent, it’s invigorating. Citrus fragrances are like rays of light in the fragrance realm. Yet another reason we love them: they’re the perfect spring and summertime scent, and as the temperatures begin to rise, may just be all you want to wear. Discover three of our favorites, and get ready to introduce the cheerful eaux into your rotation.
The Refreshing and Mesmerizing Citrus: Millesime Imperial
This golden bottle was introduced in 1995 and has been charming both men and women ever since. Apply it to skin and it’s immediately bright, juicy, and addicting, thanks to a blend of three citrus fruits – bergamot, green mandarin, and lemon – but also has a soft, almost velvet-y quality from an iris middle. As you wear it, an amber-y base of sandalwood and musk add just enough bold edge. Spritz it on a hot summer day and it’ll immediately transport you to the terrace of a breezy seaside palace where a glass of Limoncello awaits. It’s a scent that’s fit for royalty.
The Refined and Understated Citrus: Pure White Cologne
With a name like Pure White Cologne, it’s evident that this is going to be a clean fragrance before you even apply it. Like a crisp white made-to-measure shirt, it captures refinement in the most subdued way. The scent is sweet, powdery, and elegant — for many of its fans, it’s a reminder of misty days in England. So what does it actually smell like? Dreamy. A sophisticated blend of lemon, Sicilian bergamot, and Italian grapefruit give it that pristine, refined freshness. Pear, neroli, and galbanum add a green dewiness, and a base of rice powder, white musk, and ambergris make for a soapy, clean skin effect hours later.
The Crisp, Revitalizing Citrus: Neroli Sauvage
Bittersweet neroli is one of those addictive fragrance notes you can’t stop smelling, and this blend lives up to the reputation of its star ingredient. The perfume is inspired by the Duchess of Nerola and her famous summer garden parties, where guests would perfume their skin with crushed neroli flowers. The ritual of petals on skin holds true while you wear Neroli Sauvage. A mixture of neroli, bergamot, green-tinged verbena, bitter-orange, and grapefruit, make it incredibly fresh and crisp, while orange blossom adds a hint of floral, and the base is all sexy ambergris.
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