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Green Irish Tweed: The Story Behind The Fragrance

Green Irish Tweed: The Story Behind The Fragrance
Green Irish Tweed by Creed is a classic fougère fragrance referencing Olivier Creed’s family couture heritage in the textures and assemblage of high-quality materials. Tweed fabric itself references the hues of nature: the sea, wild waters, rocks, moss, heath, sky and rain. This feels wholly appropriate for this addictively fresh aromatic scent that conjures up a bygone era of formal horse riding across vast country estates in the Emerald Isle.
Green Irish Tweed is awash with atmospheric green notes enlivened with a sea breeze and the refreshing zing of invigorating peppermint, leafy verbena and lemon. A classic trio of geranium, violet leaf and aromatic lavender fill a robust, grassy heart over a long-lasting base of distinctive woods, oakmoss and Creed’s signature note of ambergris. Florentine iris is that final magical dusting of aesthetic ambience tying the notes together with an enduring blend of nostalgia and modernity. Green Irish Tweed is fresh twist on a classic, a definitive scent for those who choose to wear something tailor made to perfection.
Scrolling back in time to 1926, House of Creed was flourishing in Paris at No. 4 Rue Royale in Paris, the fashionable destination for the city’s best dressed women. Next door was the Molyneux, a stylish salon run by British designer and artist, Edward Henry Molyneux. On the other side was the Art Deco inspired fashion house Yteb, founded by Betty Buzzard. It was Henry Creed who brought the House to this exciting point in the company’s history and his two sons, Charles and James decided to become more involved in the family business. James embarked on a latter-day Grand Tour, taking in the Far East and Japan.
Charles however went to Vienna to undertake the first of two tailoring apprenticeships. The second was to be at Linton Tweeds in Cumbria, England, a company with an international reputation for its fabrics and industrial innovations.
The founder, William Linton was a great friend of a certain Edward Henry Molyneux, the couturier neighbour of Henry Creed in Paris who introduced Linton to Coco Chanel resulting in a long-lasting business partnership between Chanel and Linton, with Chanel ensuring tweed was an essential part of the Chanel DNA.
It was in this dynamic environment that Charles learned and honed techniques that he would bring back with him to Creed and together with his brother James successfully develop highly couture side of The House of Creed. In 1942 Charles became a member of the Incorporated Society of London Fashion Designers.
Linton Tweeds celebrated its centenary in 2012, which is quite an achievement in the fickle world of fashion, developing its reputation and partnerships across the globe, in China, Korea, Japan and Milan. With busy ateliers in both Paris and London, the Creed family was at the heart of the European couture scene, taking the finest tweeds available from the weaving mills in the countryside to London, Paris, New York and beyond where the fabrics were worn and admired by Creed’s socially prominent clientele.
This ethos regarding the use and promotion of premium materials has been carried through to modern times by the Creed family in the sourcing of the finest ingredients for their perfumes from the juiciest bergamot from Calabria to the sweetest smelling roses from Bulgaria. Linton Tweed Mill still uses the finest tweed for its fashion clientele, and it is the heritage of this rich atmospheric fabric that Olivier Creed often muses upon when he thinks of Green Irish Tweed.
The House of Creed is delighted to continue their long standing relationship with Linton Tweeds for the latest Green Irish Tweed campaign.
One of the most intriguing aspects of perfume making at Creed is the use of the word Millésime, a French wine term that translates as ‘great vintage’ and used uniquely by Creed to describe the sensation of shimmering shades of character difference between batches of the same perfume. The formula will always be 100% the same, but the natural materials used may have nuances of variation due to sunshine, temperatures and rainfall. Over the years that Creed have been creating extraordinary perfumes using high quality natural oils from all the world it has become apparent that certain materials such as Indian tuberose, Haitian vetiver Calabrian bergamot, Provencal lavender, Egyptian jasmine, Bulgarian rose and Sri Lankan sandalwood for example are touched with magic. They have the right essence of terroir to become blended into a Creed perfume.
This is the beautiful mystery of perfume osmosis, the mingling of oils and alcohol that macerate like many a fine vintage wine until the captivating Creed scents are ready to enchant the senses.
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