Viking Diaries: Grigor Dimitrov

Viking Diaries: Grigor Dimitrov

Creed Viking bottles boundless exploration for the modern man. In celebration of this new scent, we hear from another Creed connoisseur who exemplifies what Viking represents. Read on to take in the latest in The Viking Diaries series.

Grigor Dimitrov is a Bulgarian professional tennis player currently ranked among the top ten in the world. With a passion for style both on and off the court, Grigor takes his approach to fashion and grooming seriously. As a longtime fan of The House of Creed, it was only fitting that he became an official Creed Ambassador this fall in celebration of the Viking launch. Heralded as a future champion, Grigor spends countless hours training and traveling for the sport. His persistent hunger to always want to “do more” perfectly embodies the Viking spirit. We sat down with Grigor to learn more about his career and how he first discovered The House of Creed.

How did you get started in tennis? What do you love most the sport?

For me it all started with my parents. My dad was a tennis coach and my mom was a professional volleyball player, so it was in my blood. My dad was the first person to put a racket in my hands. He gave up a lot of his time to making sure I could be the best player I could be. I am very grateful for the sacrifices both of my parents made so I could be the player I am today. It’s hard to say what I love most about the sport of tennis as it has given me so much. I would have to say that the feeling you get when you walk out onto a packed stadium court is quite surreal. It is a great feeling to hear people cheering and screaming for you. I know I am very fortunate to get to experience that feeling.

How did you first discover The House of Creed?

It was a long time ago!  I have been a fan of the brand for many years. I have always been big into fragrance and I remember discovering Creed when I was still a junior on tour. The first scent I ever bought was Green Irish Tweed. Today, Creed is an essential part of my life on tour.

Tell us about your approach to fragrance. Do you have a signature scent or a fragrance wardrobe?

For me it is all about trying new things and different experiences. I change my scents a lot depending on my surroundings. I travel to over 15 countries a year and experience many different cities and climates. I always try to keep it fresh and new, but I also love going back to old favorites.

Share one of your most vivid scent memories?

I guess one that I experience almost on a daily basis is the smell of new tennis balls. I love that smell. Every practice or match starts out with the same smell and it triggers this energy and excitement. You’ll always notice the first thing I do before I start a match hold a tennis ball up to my nose and inhale.  It is also a very familiar and comforting scent to me because it symbolizes my craft.

What was your first impression of Viking when you smelled it?

It was different from any scent I had ever experienced. I was extremely excited to try it because I had been hearing about it for quite some time and to finally get my hands on one of the first pieces was very special.  I loved the citrus notes that pull through at first. And followed by more woody notes; it was like nothing I smelled before.

What does “Viking” mean to you?

I love that Viking represents the guy who goes against the grain because that epitomizes who I am. I like to be different in all areas of my life. I want to be original and not simply follow the traditional path.

How do you channel the Viking spirit on and off the court?

I am someone who likes to attack life. I don’t wait for currents or winds to align, I simply go straight ahead. When I play on court, I don’t worry too much about things I can’t control. I just focus on my game and executing that to the best of my ability. Trying to change who you are and what you do for others is not who I am. A big part of tennis is learning how to be successful even when things are not going your way. When I heard this scent was inspired by the longships that Vikings sailed and the fearless push for exploration that connected with me. In those times, Vikings chartered violent seas and currents for days with no wind and yet they were still successful in the quest for discovery.

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