Fragrance 101: Into The Woods

Fragrance 101: Into The Woods
Our newest series, Fragrance 101 will highlight scents within a specific olfactive family appropriate for the current season. Whether you’re a longtime Creed devotee, or a newcomer who is eager to learn more about this iconic fragrance house, you’ll be sure to learn something from our latest series. First up, the bold classics: woods. Woody fragrances are strong, distinguished, warm—and, quite honestly, addicting. Get to know the House of Creed’s top options.
Whether its creamy sandalwood, zesty cedar, or earthy vetiver, there’s something completely irresistible about a woody fragrance. While the forest-y notes are most often used at the base of a perfume for their ability to add structure, depth, and last all day on skin, they serve just as well as the star. They’re also the ultimate unisex note—on a man, they’re mysterious, intense, and addicting; on a woman, they add a warm, luxurious, powerful edge. They can be blended to achieve citrusy, fresh, or spicy results, and change throughout the day as you wear them—from the first spray to catching a whiff on your wrists in the middle of a work day, the experience of wearing a wood scent is something of a journey (and a beautiful, fragrant one at that). Discover how some of our favorite wood-based eaux unfold, below.
The Cool, Powerful Wood: Himalaya
Himalaya is an ode to Olivier Creed’s climb in the Himalaya Mountains, and the fragrance itself is a force. Though the top notes are all citrus—a lively mixture of bergamot, lemon, mandarin, and grapefruit—they immediately mingle with a heart of woods (cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver) and spicy pepper, pink berries, and nutmeg for a result that is immediately masculine, fresh, and icy-cool. (The canteen-like silver bottle only furthers the cause.) One spray calls to mind snow-capped peeks and freezing, high-altitude air, but it all dries down for a sensual, musky vibe that’ll make you want to wear it again tomorrow. And the day after that.
The Classic, Fresh Wood: Green Irish Tweed
There’s a reason Green Irish Tweed, which was introduced in 1985, is one of Creed’s best-selling fragrances; it’s a true classic, and the kind of cologne that sets its wearer apart from the pack. The scent starts out bright, crisp, and cool, thanks to a blend of sunny lemon, verbena, and refreshing peppermint, but then it takes on a personality that’s so pure and green (that’s the violet leaves), you can almost picture rolling fields in Ireland. In the end, base notes of comforting sandalwood, ambergris, and Florentine Iris produce a finish that’s soft and warm—just like your favorite tweed blazer.
The Regal, Distinguished Wood: Tabarome Millesime
Tabarome Millesime can be described in just one word: rich. The experience of wearing it is something of a time warp, transporting you to an era of English clubs, worn leather chairs, fine brandy, and cigars. But it's not your typical tobacco-laced scent: top notes of citrus and ginger add just enough brightness and spice, while a blend of sandalwood and vetiver give it an earthy, mysterious depth. As you wear it, the tobacco note comes to life with a gentlemanly mix of musk, leather, tea, and a sweet touch of powdery jasmine that’s both unexpected and anything but old school.
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