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Because you’re never fully dressed without a scent. The right fragrance is the most important part of your wardrobe — after all, it may be the only thing you wear every single day. That said, perfumes are not a one-size-fits-all proposition. For one, each scent reacts differently to a person’s skin, which is why testing a scent in person is vital. And then there’s the ineffable element of style. Just as a pair of tennis shoes can look out of place under a beaded ball gown, a heavy, powdery perfume may feel all wrong paired with athleisure wear. Like any good accessory, scent should help to complete the sartorial picture. Below are five fragrances from the House of Creed with a distinct sense of style ideal for the fall season. Read on, and remember: as with any great ensemble, the trick is to wear with them with confidence.
Royal Mayfair
An homage to London’s eminently fashionable Mayfair district, this cologne has a distinctly British profile. Brisk top notes of gin, Jamaican lime and Scottish pine dissolve into a heart of rose, while base notes of orange, Canadian cedar and eucalyptus make for a light, woody finish with plenty of staying power. Originally commissioned for the Duke of Windsor, Royal Mayfair smells as contemporary now as it did 80 years ago — a smart choice for the man who knows the power of personal style.
Royal Princess Oud
Elegant and timeless, Royal Princess Oud is the rare oud-based fragrance that doesn’t use the ingredient to overpowering effect. Instead, a rich and smoky base is wrapped in olfactory layers of vanilla, iris, rose and violet. The scent recalls Creed’s early beginnings as master tailors and couturiers, and channels the glamour of modern day red dress.
Green Irish Tweed
Like an expertly tailored gray suit, this timeless, masculine fragrance never fails to impress. A fresh, green take on the classic ‘fougere’ (think earthy oakmoss, spice and lavender), this cologne has been a favorite from The House of Creed for more than three decades. And with good reason: in a world that moves a mile a minute, channeling the effortless cool of another era feels like a fragrant escape.
Aventus for Her
Inspired by powerful women and Creed’s best-selling Aventus, 6th generation Olivier Creed re-calibrated a feminine counterpart for a fresher, fruity effect. It opens with the crisp bite of green apple and blackcurrants before subtler floral elements (Bulgarian and Turkish roses, lilac) take center stage. A complex and vital scent for a woman who knows what she wants — and gets it.
A rushing stream of crystal-clear water; a stand of mountain poplars; a cool Alpine breeze: these are the elements distilled and bottled in Himalaya. Created to capture of the memory of Olivier Creed’s Tibetan climb, this cologne defines clean, fresh minimalism. Bracing citrus top notes of Bergamot, grapefruit, and lemon give way to a rugged, woody foundation of cedarwood and sandalwood. 
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